liblzma: Disable external SHA-256 by default.

This is the sane thing to do. The conflict with OpenSSL
on some OSes and especially that the OS-provided versions
can be significantly slower makes it clear that it was
a mistake to have the external SHA-256 support enabled by

Those who want it can now pass --enable-external-sha256 to
configure. INSTALL was updated with notes about OSes where
this can be a bad idea.

The SHA-256 detection code in had some bugs that
could lead to a build failure in some situations. These were
fixed, although it doesn't matter that much now that the
external SHA-256 is disabled by default.

MINIX >= 3.2.0 uses NetBSD's libc and thus has SHA256_Init
in libc instead of libutil. Support for the libutil version
was removed.
3 files changed