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Authors of XZ Utils
XZ Utils is developed and maintained by Lasse Collin
Major parts of liblzma are based on code written by Igor Pavlov,
specifically the LZMA SDK <>. Without
this code, XZ Utils wouldn't exist.
The SHA-256 implementation in liblzma is based on the code found from
7-Zip <>, which has a modified version of the SHA-256
code found from Crypto++ <>. The SHA-256 code
in Crypto++ was written by Kevin Springle and Wei Dai.
Some scripts have been adapted from gzip. The original versions
were written by Jean-loup Gailly, Charles Levert, and Paul Eggert.
Andrew Dudman helped adapting the scripts and their man pages for
XZ Utils.
The GNU Autotools-based build system contains files from many authors,
which I'm not trying to list here.
Several people have contributed fixes or reported bugs. Most of them
are mentioned in the file THANKS.