1. 1d65fa4 [zircon][build] Download and use all Linux sysroots by Roland McGrath · 6 hours ago master
  2. 1db77a7 [zbi] Use std::filesystem::path by Roland McGrath · 8 hours ago
  3. 8096f09 [zircon][gn] Fix static-libc++ config for Fuchsia case by Roland McGrath · 8 hours ago
  4. a421d96 [media][tests] virtual_audio (CLI util) updates by Martin Puryear · 8 hours ago
  5. bdb3971 [banjo] add script to regenerate banjo golden files by Benjamin Brittain · 9 hours ago
  6. 57e4d9f [zircon][docs] Fix spelling and formatting issues. by Corey Tabaka · 9 hours ago
  7. 8bf39ae [zircon][docs] Add markup document for the fair scheduler. by Corey Tabaka · 10 hours ago
  8. c374f53 [media][tests][e2e] Additional virtualaudio FIDL interfaces by Martin Puryear · 10 hours ago
  9. 31b42a7 [fidl] Avoid API Review for examples, testcases. by Jeremy Manson · 11 hours ago
  10. bfe7795 [persistent-storage] Fix partially broken allowlist mechanism by Bryan Henry · 12 hours ago
  11. 637498e [scudo] Adjust the reserved size for each Region to 1GB. Test: CQ by Dave Moore · 12 hours ago
  12. ca5397b [zircon][qemu] Use iptools instead of uml-utilities for creating TAP interface by Bryan Henry · 12 hours ago
  13. 04a1462 [test-spec] Delete last mentions of labels by Joshua Seaton · 12 hours ago
  14. 6984694 [fidl][c++] allow method arg named `controller` by Ian McKellar · 12 hours ago
  15. b4480ea [mtd] Enable mtd test on host. by Michael Brunson · 13 hours ago
  16. 3b9322f [bt][bt-gap] Correctly send OnAdapterRemoved message when removing a host by Nick Pollard · 14 hours ago
  17. 9f1cc3a [wlan-hw-sim-tests] no longer target QEMU by James Tucker · 14 hours ago
  18. 4952448 [bt][tests] Disable Integration tests that use bt-gap to prevent flake by Nick Pollard · 14 hours ago
  19. d32ea9c Revert "[scenic] Collect all waiting frames into a single instance" by Ariana Mott · 14 hours ago
  20. 21e3874 [modular] Give sessions a device-local unique identifier. by Alex Min · 14 hours ago
  21. 8df517a [test spec] s/label/tags by Joshua Seaton · 15 hours ago
  22. b3a6d4b [pm publish] add clean option and use in build by James Tucker · 15 hours ago
  23. 64ea1cd [test][futex_core] Fix a test flake. by John Grossman · 15 hours ago
  24. f6889e5 [ftl-mtd] Add init/read/write ops and tests for MTD-based NdmDriver. by Michael Brunson · 15 hours ago
  25. 86d2569 [feedback] add build jiri snapshot to attachments by Francois Rousseau · 15 hours ago
  26. 7429c96 [zircon] Up the max cpu number for x86 by Carlos Pizano · 16 hours ago
  27. 945cd7f [text] Fix invalid TextPoint creation past end in Ime by Robert Lord · 16 hours ago
  28. d81f9a2 [rust_crates][freetype] Add "servo-freetype-sys" to tiny_mirrors by Konstantin Pozin · 16 hours ago
  29. 016d172 [lib/inferior_control] Rewrite RefreshAllThreads to fetch koid list first by Doug Evans · 16 hours ago
  30. 869c20b [System Monitor] workaround negative slope in data by Dave Schuyler · 16 hours ago
  31. 903e9d0 [System Monitor] calculate time ranges without drift by Dave Schuyler · 16 hours ago
  32. 2fc8c70 [magma] Add test MsdBuffer.MapDoesntFit by Craig Stout · 16 hours ago
  33. 52d02cc [pty] add pty fidl implementation to console and virtio by Carl Norum · 16 hours ago
  34. a754dee [pty] switch pty tests to use FIDL interface by Carl Norum · 16 hours ago
  35. ecc8b69 [base_shell] add dev base shell to separate package by Eric Jia · 16 hours ago
  36. 6ec7ee2 [debugger] Hook up basic types to casting. by Brett Wilson · 16 hours ago
  37. 5e5086e [media][tests][e2e] VAD: correct async dispatch by Martin Puryear · 16 hours ago
  38. f51f21c [svc] remove services by Tamir Duberstein · 16 hours ago
  39. 3ed92e0 [media] tweak GainControl for FIDL readability by Dale Sather · 16 hours ago
  40. 27c058c [products][sdk_image] Add modular and more to the available set. by Alain Vongsouvanh · 17 hours ago
  41. 4cc60a0 [fx][zsh] complete -i and -d flags to fx by Ian McKellar · 17 hours ago
  42. fc0b310 [wlan-hw-sim] Allow time for Wlantap::open() by Eric Wang · 17 hours ago
  43. 7182c91 [syscalls][usb][xhci] Introduce scheduler profile to devhost by Scott Graham · 17 hours ago
  44. ddf8ccf [revert][scenic] Cleanup dev tools; allow short pkg-names by James Robinson · 17 hours ago
  45. 9c2dd9c [scripts] gofmt: simplify code by Tamir Duberstein · 17 hours ago
  46. 3980adf [doc] Add missing & in exception example by Scott Graham · 17 hours ago
  47. f54e209 [devcoordinator] Make devcoordinator less chatty by Abdulla Kamar · 17 hours ago
  48. 2e2f00b [Mundane] Backport upstream changes from I93eccf2ef08d20428b8e68a1d8b46a1e17758302 by Yu Shan · 17 hours ago
  49. c7435aa [fx][zsh] completion for `fx set2` by Ian McKellar · 17 hours ago
  50. 215dddc [pty] make FIDL implementations of PTY ioctls by Carl Norum · 17 hours ago
  51. 90d67cc [debugger] Move debug_agent to //src by Casey Dahlin · 17 hours ago
  52. 10ae434 [media] move GainControl to fuchsia.media.audio (reland) by Dale Sather · 17 hours ago
  53. b69fdf9 [fuchsia-component] Fix open dir with multiple path segments by Kiet Tran · 18 hours ago
  54. 065a80c [bootsvc] Decommit pages from the BOOTDATA VMO by Abdulla Kamar · 18 hours ago
  55. f9a0aee [modular] Update comment for fuchsia.modular.Agent/Connect(). by Gabriel Schine · 18 hours ago
  56. 9ff9b79 [webpki-roots-fuchsia] Pre-commit refactoring broke the build, but as no one yet depended on it by Oliver Hunt · 18 hours ago
  57. ae57bf4 [bt][bredr] Add Profile.{AddSearch,OnConnectFound} by Marie Janssen · 18 hours ago
  58. 9dcce9b [url] Use lib/icu_data/cpp by Adam Barth · 18 hours ago
  59. 9a698f8 [lib/inferior_control] Use zx::channel in test helper. by Doug Evans · 18 hours ago
  60. de00d8c [zircon/ftl] Fix assert condition on debug path. by Ricardo Vargas · 18 hours ago
  61. 070e689 [System Monitor] add --msec-rate and --inspect to Harvester by Dave Schuyler · 18 hours ago
  62. 3cf53fe [omaha-client] Enable logging. by Sen Jiang · 18 hours ago
  63. c1cce41 [pseudo-fs] extract FileConnection from simple pseudofile by Stephen Demos · 18 hours ago
  64. 6ad5dee [scenic][ui/gfx] Improve logging when framebuffers can't be initialized by John Bauman · 18 hours ago
  65. 062ee70 [mime_sniffer] Delete by Adam Barth · 18 hours ago
  66. 109468f [ui/gfx][magma] Remove usage of VK_GOOGLE_image_usage_scanout by John Bauman · 18 hours ago
  67. f1c2825 [tel] Add telephony drivers to drivers & all bundle by Benjamin Brittain · 18 hours ago
  68. a14fd92 [unistd] remove isatty hack by Carl Norum · 19 hours ago
  69. dcb2158 [sessionctl] No longer auto-login from the command line by Olivia Nordquist · 19 hours ago
  70. 3544fbf [usb-fwloader] Rename from usb-test-fwloader. by Jocelyn Dang · 19 hours ago
  71. f3122f3 [rust] Remove references to rust-crates/rustc_deps by Benjamin Brittain · 19 hours ago
  72. b6f7c87 [omaha-client] Support parsing omaha response from json. by Sen Jiang · 19 hours ago
  73. 70c2cef [libfxl][libfidl] remove type_converter.h from //garnet/public/lib/fxl by Dale Sather · 19 hours ago
  74. e44c659 [fx][script] Fix run-host-tests to point at top-level copy_host_tests gn rule by Benjamin Brittain · 19 hours ago
  75. 7f8fb47 [lib/inferior_control] Pass log settings to test helper by Doug Evans · 19 hours ago
  76. 0e6f8a0 [rust-netstack] Send neighor solicitation by Bruno Dal Bo · 19 hours ago
  77. 71fc43f [lib/cobalt] Add support for LogCobaltEvent{,s} by Zach Bush · 19 hours ago
  78. cbd493d [wlan][mlme] Reorganize mac.rs structure by Robert Hahn · 19 hours ago
  79. b9bfa9b [kernel][sched] Implement remaining sched API in the fair scheduler. by Corey Tabaka · 19 hours ago
  80. 0bfff7f Revert "[cobalt-fidl] Remove [Transitional] tag" by Zach Bush · 19 hours ago
  81. 58dce90 [libsys] Fix enclsoing env test. by Ankur Mittal · 19 hours ago
  82. eb6370c [netsvc] force line buffering for stdout by Carl Norum · 19 hours ago
  83. e2aa993 [zircon][hid] Add Insert functions to Report by David Gilhooley · 20 hours ago
  84. 3e8eb75 [bootsvc] Remove duplicate handling of BOOTFS by Abdulla Kamar · 20 hours ago
  85. dedb342 [auth][e2e] SL4F facade to inject test credentials into GoogleAuthProvider by Satsuki Ueno · 20 hours ago
  86. 432e705 [text] Add implementation of TextField that proxies to legacy ImeClients by Robert Lord · 20 hours ago
  87. 62954e4 [zircon][hid] Remove hid::Report struct by David Gilhooley · 20 hours ago
  88. 0673dd7 Revert "[scudo] Enable standalone scudo." by David Moore · 20 hours ago
  89. 018c107 [rust-netstack] NDP module groundworks by Bruno Dal Bo · 20 hours ago
  90. e622390 [system_ota_tests] use a custom repository name by Erick Tryzelaar · 20 hours ago
  91. 65d2642 [url][shuffle] Remove forwarding GN target by George Kulakowski · 20 hours ago
  92. bccc543 [sys] Rename CreateFromStartupInfo to Create by Adam Barth · 20 hours ago
  93. a30ba56 [msm8x53][emmc] Enable eMMC on 8x53 by Braden Kell · 20 hours ago
  94. 35f7089 [zircon][sdhci] Set DMA capabilities based on quirks by Braden Kell · 20 hours ago
  95. 62349b6 [zircon][hid-parser] Add OWNERS by Carlos Pizano · 20 hours ago
  96. 470a637 [wlan][common] Add a unit test for round_up() by Greg Bonik · 20 hours ago
  97. 74d25a7 [docs] make URIs repo-relative by Tamir Duberstein · 21 hours ago
  98. e5b2441 [docs] the public directory is called "public" by Tamir Duberstein · 21 hours ago
  99. 26c29d7 [lib/debugger_utils] New function GetProcessThreadKoids by Doug Evans · 21 hours ago
  100. 189e905 [KMS] Add mundane provider. by Yu Shan · 21 hours ago