1. 694992b [docs] Add troubleshooting to rust third_party. by Yaneury Fermin · 42 seconds ago master
  2. df5f182 [kernel] Remove TOCTOU risk in Event::WaitWorker() by Martin Lindsay · 10 minutes ago
  3. 635ca28 [scenic] Skip flatland pixel tests if display capture is not supported. by Yilong Li · 20 minutes ago
  4. e1c4eb5 [fidl] Implements the remainder of the API summarization code by Filip Filmar · 20 minutes ago
  5. a45e61c [wlan][policy] Allow SME layer to complete its re-connect attempts by Marc Khouri · 44 minutes ago
  6. 462c215 [banjo] Wire up fidlgen_banjo in the build. by P.Y. Laligand · 49 minutes ago
  7. 26d332a [wlan] Remove IEEE 802.11-2016 enumerations from <wlan/common/*> by John Sheu · 70 minutes ago
  8. 04270e1 [lowpan][lowpan-spinel-driver] Mark unitest logs as `trace`, not `info` by Robert Quattlebaum · 74 minutes ago
  9. 45ecc96 [tracer] Fix typo, appease pylint better. by David Fang · 82 minutes ago
  10. 695383a [build] Update library_headers() documentation by David 'Digit' Turner · 84 minutes ago
  11. 33b037c [time][triage] Add second set of triage rules. by Jody Sankey · 88 minutes ago
  12. 13a1e3c [flutter] prepare for migrating fuchsia_remote_debug_protocol to null safety by Chase Latta · 90 minutes ago
  13. 62f83b5 [modular] Fix DismissView callbacks not called when story is stopped by Yegor Pomortsev · 2 hours ago
  14. a9c2532 [wlan][policy] Remove legacy API. by Kevin Sakuma · 2 hours ago
  15. 2e7d524 [banjo] Regen C++ mocks for a few test libraries. by P.Y. Laligand · 2 hours ago
  16. d4e27c9 [fidl][llcpp][c] iovec support for fidl_outgoing_msg_t by Benjamin Prosnitz · 2 hours ago
  17. f2bb1d3 [wlan][policy] Upgrade state machine errors to `error!` by Marc Khouri · 2 hours ago
  18. c594419 [storage][volume_image]: Rename method. by Gianfranco Valentino · 2 hours ago
  19. 39f6f4f [stress_tests] Remove InstanceUnderTest for actors by Xyan Bhatnagar · 2 hours ago
  20. 08ff9d3 [blobfs] Cleanup in blob test utils by Chris Drouillard · 2 hours ago
  21. 9fdfc6d [driver-registrar] Basic commandline tool for calling DriverRegistrar. by Jocelyn Dang · 2 hours ago
  22. 09acf92 [system-update-committer] reduce rights on event pair by Zach Kirschenbaum · 2 hours ago
  23. 688f011 [fuchsia-component] Create salted nested environment with options by Ani Ramakrishnan · 3 hours ago
  24. 22b8f69 [fint] Expose Set() as a library function by Oliver Newman · 3 hours ago
  25. 5a4e82c [build] Make host_test_data() play nicely with variants by Joshua Seaton · 3 hours ago
  26. 52bc56d [carnelian] Do SetDebugClientInfo on Mold's Allocator by John Bauman · 3 hours ago
  27. 7861c1d [sysmem] Handle pixel format costs for amlogic A311D by John Bauman · 3 hours ago
  28. 2c35137 [chromium] Extract WebEngine deps in cmx files by Marina Ciocea · 3 hours ago
  29. 384a5a0 [sysmem] Store more inspect information about every heap by John Bauman · 3 hours ago
  30. e263f45 [netstack] Condense fuchsia.net.routes logs by Tamir Duberstein · 3 hours ago
  31. 4acf3c4 [system-update-committer] implement wait_and_reboot by Zach Kirschenbaum · 4 hours ago
  32. ea19cf06 [logs] Add an out-of-band BudgetManager. by Adam Perry · 4 hours ago
  33. 60bde45d [storage] Document tracing by James Sullivan · 5 hours ago
  34. 7a15ec3 [fx] Add a fint_set optional feature by Oliver Newman · 5 hours ago
  35. 19d321d [flutter] add vm_service to fuchsia_remote_debug_protocol deps by Chase Latta · 5 hours ago
  36. 509bce8 [zxcrypt] Add trace events. by James Sullivan · 5 hours ago
  37. 29187a7 [ui-input] Injected event timestamps in nanoseconds by Chase Latta · 5 hours ago
  38. d5b9647 [netstack] Absorb upstream changes by Tamir Duberstein · 5 hours ago
  39. 3d9a9fc [console-launcher] add /hub by Derek Gonyeo · 6 hours ago
  40. 21c046a [docs] Remove hyphen-underscore statement in package() migration doc by Xyan Bhatnagar · 7 hours ago
  41. 5a02205 [camera][bin] Migrate controller_parser to use newer build templates by Nic Zoghb · 11 hours ago
  42. 56fd5b0 [camera][bin] benchmark naming and template usage by Nic Zoghb · 12 hours ago
  43. 169d3dd [camera][bin] Migrate camera_gym to use newer build templates by Nic Zoghb · 12 hours ago
  44. f6ed109 [kernel] Remove old CPUID topology code by Joshua Seaton · 12 hours ago
  45. 56439af [kernel][x86][topology] Refactor x86 topology enumeration by Joshua Seaton · 13 hours ago
  46. 27e9fdb [docs] Fix the usage of "fuchsia_test" by Dangyi Liu · 14 hours ago
  47. cf28071 [modular] Migrate /tests to new build rules by Vickie Cheng · 14 hours ago
  48. ddf278f [gndoc] Update GN build arguments documentation by docs-roller · 14 hours ago
  49. 6180dc2 [virtualization] Disable bridging until netstack is fixed by Abdulla Kamar · 14 hours ago
  50. 8d662b2 [setUI] Reverse messenger/receptor orientation for monitors. by robinsontom · 15 hours ago
  51. 467468f [setUI] Rename variable to core_messener. by robinsontom · 15 hours ago
  52. 59d8883 [hwreg][lib/arch] Clarify hwreg::EnablePrinter usage and reduce usage by Joshua Seaton · 15 hours ago
  53. d5c20f1 [fx emu][gn sdk] Script to implement unsecure internet access to FEMU by Wayne Piekarski · 15 hours ago
  54. ec1d12b [rfc] Cloning a VMO mapping by Theodore Dubois · 15 hours ago
  55. bbc7f95 [docs] Add library_headers to zx_library playbook by Shai Barack · 17 hours ago
  56. b9fdce3 [diagnostics-bridge] Get rid of some unnecessary cloning by Miguel Flores Ruiz de Eguino · 17 hours ago
  57. 585eaad [cm][test_runners] Clone UTC clock handle when spawning tests by Adam Lesinski · 17 hours ago
  58. 4743131 Reland "[fidl] FIDL api summarization tool - initial commit" by Filip Filmar · 17 hours ago
  59. 65a26bc [component_manager] component_manager uses instance-id based storage dirs by Vardhan Mudunuru · 18 hours ago
  60. 086c391 [ffx] reduce the scope of threaded sub-tasks by James Tucker · 18 hours ago
  61. 71b9790 [cm][docs] Include resolvers in component_manifest doc by Adam Lesinski · 18 hours ago
  62. 6df0f144 [storage] Check for numeric overflow in VmoBuffer::Initialize. by Chris Suter · 18 hours ago
  63. 5219193 [ffx] remove analytics thread by James Tucker · 18 hours ago
  64. b33673b [flutter] temporarily disable aot builds in workstation by Chase Latta · 18 hours ago
  65. 4192790 [ffx] migrate onet wrapper to fuchsia_async::Task by James Tucker · 18 hours ago
  66. d6c3fbc [kernel] Unittests of kernel stack depth handling by Venkatesh Srinivas · 18 hours ago
  67. c554136 [ffx] migrate mdns to using fuchsia_async::Task by James Tucker · 18 hours ago
  68. 05ad08d [Infra] Remove testonly from build_infra. by Yu Shan · 19 hours ago
  69. 98e28e5 [cm][docs] Document component resolvers by Adam Lesinski · 19 hours ago
  70. f352823 [vim3][paver] Add vim3 specific device partitioner by Yecheng Zhao · 19 hours ago
  71. 8d858b2 [diagnostics-bridge] Refactor diagnostics-bridge for testing needs. by Miguel Flores Ruiz de Eguino · 19 hours ago
  72. e44fbb5 [virtualization] cleanup *_operation_test by Bruno Dal Bo · 20 hours ago
  73. 42088fc [factory_reset] Add access to nelson-emmc dev by Prashanth Swaminathan · 20 hours ago
  74. d63f08d [journal] Change fuzzer to limit length. by Chris Suter · 20 hours ago
  75. c8f1b30 [optee] Remove workaround for misbehaving TAs by Jonathan Bailey · 20 hours ago
  76. ccaac1c [licenses] Add allowlist-only license patterns by Sean Cuff · 20 hours ago
  77. 1d26304 [build] Support for setting -fprofile-list flag by Petr Hosek · 20 hours ago
  78. ba158af [ffx] use a per-thread socket path for tests by James Tucker · 20 hours ago
  79. 6dee432 [tools][elflib] GetBuildIds(): don't complain if not ELF/PE by Joshua Seaton · 20 hours ago
  80. 5d9cf3a [a11y] Adds highlight support for offset containers. by Alexander Brusher · 20 hours ago
  81. c94664f [fidlgen_banjo] Add tool and its main flow. by P.Y. Laligand · 20 hours ago
  82. dc94d55 [lowpan][lowpanctl] Improve formatting of status command by Robert Quattlebaum · 21 hours ago
  83. f12c67c [kernel][arm64][mmu] use 4K page granules for the bootstrap trampoline by Travis Geiselbrecht · 21 hours ago
  84. a76d918 [policy] Add fuchsia.kernel.*Resource types to component_manager_policy. by Benjamin Wright · 21 hours ago
  85. c1b6375 [storage] Logging to serial by Vikram Auradkar · 21 hours ago
  86. 5cb90b7 [fidl][llcpp] improve union setting by Vincent Belliard · 21 hours ago
  87. 717f9e6 [wlan][sme] Only log disconnect_ctx after LinkUp by Kiet Tran · 22 hours ago
  88. c08c47e [ffx][fvdl] Merge args used by `ffx emu` and `fvdl` by Yuan Zhi · 22 hours ago
  89. 5a9dc3e [ui-input][ime] Migrate legacy tests to integration tests by Victor Donich · 22 hours ago
  90. 26ca6162 [kernel][kasan] Fix booting on uniprocessor machines/VMs by Venkatesh Srinivas · 22 hours ago
  91. 4f54068 [netcfg] Cleanup DHCPv6 state on non-fatal errors by Ghanan Gowripalan · 22 hours ago
  92. bd497c9 [build] Add library_headers() template. by David 'Digit' Turner · 22 hours ago
  93. 15bc81c [scrutiny] Add verify.build to Scrutiny. by Ben Wright · 22 hours ago
  94. 595da08 [harvester] Move noisy logs from ERROR to DEBUG. by Alex Bogart · 23 hours ago
  95. 8b5b51e [fidlgen_banjo] Copy C backend from the legacy banjo tool. by P.Y. Laligand · 23 hours ago
  96. 8f8a9e81 Revert "[artifacts] Remove unused build artifacts from non-zedboot builds" by Mike Comfoltey · 24 hours ago
  97. adeb28a [io2] Add inotify io2 fidl apis by Manali Bhutiyani · 24 hours ago
  98. a3b36fd [blobfs] Move BlobfsPagerTest to parameterized test cases. by Martin Lindsay · 24 hours ago
  99. 899f93eb [cm][pkg-cache] Run pkg-cache as a V2 component. by Adam Lesinski · 24 hours ago
  100. 97f95b0 [blobfs] Add fragmentation metrics by Vikram Auradkar · 24 hours ago