1. e6eabf1 [fvm] Convert to zxtest, isolated devmgr by Sean Klein · 10 minutes ago master
  2. c562baf [scenic][present_view] Use libsys; add tests by David Worsham · 17 minutes ago
  3. 5e99a6b [runtests] run all tests that zircon exports by James Tucker · 21 minutes ago
  4. 7a57163 [paver] Correct current slot name checking by Suraj Malhotra · 25 minutes ago
  5. 979b9ac [camera] add controller stream to camera_demo by Matt Sandy · 32 minutes ago
  6. a5b68b4b [build] temporary redirect to fix bad merge by Dustin Green · 32 minutes ago
  7. f9ff27c [fidl] Use fuchsia-io LLCPP bindings in fdio utests by Felix Zhu · 75 minutes ago
  8. 1c47837 [docs] Update README for running core tests by Scott Graham · 2 hours ago
  9. ac26bc5 [debuglog][syscalls] Pass root resource into debuglog::create in devhost by Scott Graham · 2 hours ago
  10. da6fd74 Revert "[cmx] Update last references to facet_parser forwarding targets" by David Worsham · 2 hours ago
  11. 04cce01 [cm] Factor out child/collection name validation. by David Greenaway · 3 hours ago
  12. 636aca2 [blobfs] Staging commit for privatizing fsck by Sean Klein · 3 hours ago
  13. 99877bf [debugger] Add enums for register aliases. by Brett Wilson · 3 hours ago
  14. 67bb252 [fbl][test] Convert fbl container tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 3 hours ago
  15. 9dc14ca [fbl][test] Convert vector tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 3 hours ago
  16. dde86e3 [fbl] Remove fbl::unique_free_ptr and it's tests. by John Grossman · 3 hours ago
  17. a98152b [fbl][test] Convert unique fd tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 3 hours ago
  18. e6a77d0 [vkcube] -Wno-reorder-init-list for third_party code by Shai Barack · 3 hours ago
  19. eaa969e [kcounter] Fix command line parsing bug in kcounter -w by Scott Graham · 3 hours ago
  20. 1f26145 [config] Unblock the next GCC roll to 9.1 by Leonard Chan · 4 hours ago
  21. fc991ea [cmx] Update last references to facet_parser forwarding targets by James Robinson · 4 hours ago
  22. ca3e4cc [fidl][llcpp] LLCPP Service Server API by Adam Lesinski · 4 hours ago
  23. f85d254 [json_parser] Enable json_parser target and tests for host, tidy up by James Robinson · 4 hours ago
  24. 8374b7f [docs] Devsite restructure phase 2 CL 03 - Move files out of zircon dir by Kyo Lee · 4 hours ago
  25. c5a31a7 [identity] Rename google_auth_provider_rust -> google_auth_provider by Satsuki Ueno · 4 hours ago
  26. efacdb7 [rust-crates] Update http to 0.1.19 by Erick Tryzelaar · 4 hours ago
  27. d3619a3 [camera] add automated test for camera_demo by Matt Sandy · 4 hours ago
  28. bb780bb [factory_reset] Move tests off of 'deprecated-shell' by Jeff Seibert · 4 hours ago
  29. be8d01c [netstack] consolidate fuchsia.posix.socket impl by Tamir Duberstein · 4 hours ago
  30. 18252b8 [bt][gap-bredr] Add assertion for Debug Combination link keys by Xo Wang · 4 hours ago
  31. 2f4d43f [fbl][test] Convert type info tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 4 hours ago
  32. 3027d25 [fbl][test] Convert string traits tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 5 hours ago
  33. bff9623 [pkg_resolver] GN target that disables dynamic rewrite rules by Ben Keller · 5 hours ago
  34. f3183be [fbl][test] Convert string tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 5 hours ago
  35. 5461630 [fbl][test] Convert string printf tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 5 hours ago
  36. 87916b0 [session] Add ElementManager example by Kevin Lindkvist · 5 hours ago
  37. 7aa77d2 [iquery] Rename iquery_rs to iquery and enable by Miguel Flores Ruiz de Eguino · 5 hours ago
  38. dff0f27 [zircon][build][kazoo] Add source_name_part to host_tool_action template by Scott Graham · 5 hours ago
  39. 6bed044 [pm] Add unit tests for loading existing repo. by Yu Shan · 5 hours ago
  40. 8d2f2e2 [modular][inspect] solving a flake in inspect_session_test by Olivia Nordquist · 5 hours ago
  41. 8daed21 [pkg-resolver] Refactor work queue by Kevin Wells · 5 hours ago
  42. 9bd90de [roll] dev_compiler build script required by the Flutter roll by Jason Simmons · 5 hours ago
  43. 16d1163 [docs] Devsite restructure phase 2 CL 01 - Move files out of zircon dir. by Kyo Lee · 5 hours ago
  44. e213fdc [fdf] Document sequencing guarantees of driver/device hooks by Todd Eisenberger · 6 hours ago
  45. 74a956d [blackout] add setup step to blobfs test by Stephen Demos · 6 hours ago
  46. b43259d [bt][lib] Align types::le types with new LE API by Arman Uguray · 6 hours ago
  47. 1fff4a6 [sl4f] Remove now-incorrect comment about writeAsBytes() call by Mark Seaborn · 6 hours ago
  48. c8d5ff6 [fuchsia_pkg_testing] Wait for blob to be creatable after closing channel by Ben Keller · 6 hours ago
  49. 948c411 [docs][zircon] Fixed bullet lists in banjo tutorial by John Sasinowski · 6 hours ago
  50. ce732d2 [zircon][sdhci] Disable internal clock when changing SD bus frequency by Braden Kell · 6 hours ago
  51. 22ab74f [docs] Consolidating NUC setup instructions. by Clayton Wilkinson · 6 hours ago
  52. 4a89ffa [fidl] Update fidl-tests.cc to use LLCPP bindings by Felix Zhu · 6 hours ago
  53. 6dc5076 [zircon][sdhci] Add SD/SDIO timings to SDHCI core driver by Braden Kell · 6 hours ago
  54. 59b2161 [zircon][sdhci] Change bus configuration methods to match the SDHCI spec by Braden Kell · 6 hours ago
  55. 37352c6 [zircon][sdhci] Use hwreg library instead of a struct pointer by Braden Kell · 6 hours ago
  56. 94213d6 [cmgr][ws] Refactor: `WorkItem` in its own file by Mark Dittmer · 6 hours ago
  57. 5c617bf [netemul] Remove from deprecated-shell allowlist by Shai Barack · 6 hours ago
  58. 4290863 [fbl][test] Convert the string piece tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 6 hours ago
  59. 28e0eca [media.sessions] Rm dead code by Payton Turnage · 6 hours ago
  60. 1cff590 [fbl][test] Convert string buffer to zxtest by John Grossman · 6 hours ago
  61. 69b0d7f [ledger] Store remote commit id to commit id mapping by Ambre Williams · 7 hours ago
  62. 6a8a471 [blobfs] Add trim support. by Ricardo Vargas · 7 hours ago
  63. 7e3dc7e [docs][testability] Update rubric with guidance on sleeps. by Erik Gilling · 7 hours ago
  64. 5e37e61 [media] StreamProcessor Comments -> Doc Comments by Payton Turnage · 7 hours ago
  65. 49c535d [netstack2] Fix endpoint double close bug and handle receiving TCP RST immediately by Ghanan Gowripalan · 7 hours ago
  66. af352b3 [network_manager] Fix autostart-on-boot config by Arjun · 7 hours ago
  67. b6e3fcd [kernel][ddk] Initialize zx_pcie_device_info_t returned to usermode by Nick Maniscalco · 7 hours ago
  68. fac58b5 [bt][gap] Add FakePairingDelegate by Xo Wang · 7 hours ago
  69. 4fa5c43 [devshell] Update run-e2e-tests to use get-fuchsia-device-addr by Isma Cortes Vazquez · 7 hours ago
  70. deb66e8 [bt][gap-bredr] Store link keys from pairing by Xo Wang · 7 hours ago
  71. dfbb694 [fidl][C] Remove union usage from C bindings tests by Felix Zhu · 8 hours ago
  72. ba98a5f [futex][locking] Break up the futex context lock. by John Grossman · 8 hours ago
  73. b95bb07 [docs] Devsite restructure phase 2 CL 03a - Distrubte content of hacking.md by Kyo Lee · 8 hours ago
  74. c6d0882 [disk-inspect] Operate on BlockDevice objects, not file descriptors by Sean Klein · 8 hours ago
  75. fdff62d [tel][driver] Fix broken code regarding FIDL LLCPP by Charlie Wang · 8 hours ago
  76. a173bdd [fdio] close(fd) no longer blocks on pending data by Tamir Duberstein · 8 hours ago
  77. 64a6a67 [netemul] Remove deprecated-shell from devmgr by Bruno Dal Bo · 8 hours ago
  78. b534029 [amlogic][audio] Adjusting driver gain config. by shyam · 8 hours ago
  79. 002aeec [libc] implement CLOCK_BOOTTIME by James Tucker · 8 hours ago
  80. a1f0794 [scenic] Reland "have each session own its FIDL binding" by Felipe Archondo · 8 hours ago
  81. 30b083d [media][audio_core] Add template for creating audio_core pacakge. by Tim Detwiler · 8 hours ago
  82. 019c3a3 [netemul] Fixes guest VM stderr flow. by Kevin Sakuma · 8 hours ago
  83. a45c347 [sdk] Add fuchsia.io to the sdk BUILD.gn instead of transative include. by Benjamin Wright · 8 hours ago
  84. 3a409bd [debugger] Update breakpoint documentation. by Brett Wilson · 8 hours ago
  85. bd70c64 [recovery] Disable Go-level timeout for simulator tests by Adam Barth · 8 hours ago
  86. fbb680f [omaha client] Don't override cohort data with value in stash. by Sen Jiang · 9 hours ago
  87. 471983c [bt][lib] Represent assigned numbers as integers by Arman Uguray · 9 hours ago
  88. 10b7885 [fbl][test] Convert span tests to zxtest by John Grossman · 9 hours ago
  89. a0feb57 [modular][testing][sdk] FakeComponent & FakeAgent by Vardhan Mudunuru · 9 hours ago
  90. 7c7fbad [crash] inline Crashpad database path definition by Francois Rousseau · 9 hours ago
  91. 4343226 [debugger] HW breakpoint implements ProcessBreakpoint. by Cristian Donoso · 9 hours ago
  92. 91ec3e9 [syscalls] Disable various syscalls when kernel.enable-debugging-syscalls=false by Scott Graham · 9 hours ago
  93. 22b5858 [media.audio] Remove volume changed ACK by Payton Turnage · 9 hours ago
  94. 1b48dd7 [fuchsia.net] Fix lint errors by Tim Kilbourn · 10 hours ago
  95. 9eafb1e [flake][threads] Reduce thread count in yield_deboost_thread test by Scott Graham · 10 hours ago
  96. 70a7451 [fit] fix documentation typo by Tamir Duberstein · 10 hours ago
  97. e10ff75 [gidl] Enable strict xunion decode test for dart by Felix Zhu · 10 hours ago
  98. cd0857f [debugger] LimboProvider now retrieves exception. by Cristian Donoso · 10 hours ago
  99. c69d171 [fbl][test] Convert slab allocator tests by John Grossman · 10 hours ago
  100. 62be3b8 [overnet][devtools] Add overnet host->target bridge builder to fx by Craig Tiller · 10 hours ago