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  1. 65bac9c [superproject] Roll llvm-project/libc [libc][CMake] Place archives in build/lib/<target-triple> by global-integration-roller · 6 hours ago main master
  2. fc06d24 [gigaboot] Fix const-safety issue in fbl::Vector iterator usage. by Victor Costan · 10 hours ago
  3. 8007eff [superproject] Roll third_party/pigweed pw_string: Reenable insert, erase tests by global-integration-roller · 10 hours ago
  4. 264c104 [superproject] Roll llvm-project/libc [libc][NFC] Add LIBC_INLINE and attribute.h header includes to targets' FMA.h. by global-integration-roller · 13 hours ago
  5. 5591a41 [superproject] Roll third_party/perfetto 5bb5360..0692d1f (39 commits) by global-integration-roller · 20 hours ago


What is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is an open source, general purpose operating system supporting modern 64-bit Intel and ARM processors.

We expect everyone interacting with our project to respect our code of conduct.

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How can I build and run Fuchsia?

See Getting Started.

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