Revert "[wlan][policy] Connect to WPA3 with WPA config"

This reverts commit ae189b24d2095e42ff72381d9c7a5d0815c4d81c.

Reason for revert: To support some use cases, we need to add more logic to network selection in order to avoid issues with this change.

Original change's description:
> [wlan][policy] Connect to WPA3 with WPA config
> This change allows network configs saved as WPA to be used to connect to
> observed WPA3 networks when auto connecting.
> This change does not allow networks saved as WPA3 to be used any
> differently.
> Security type is not used as a determining factor in
> network selection, so if we see two APs with the same SSID and WPA and
> WPA3 security, both will match with a config saved as WPA and the actual
> security type will not be used to select a network.
> Bug: 472909
> Test: Added a unit test and modified existing tests:
>     fx test wlancfg-tests
>   Manually tested that a network saved through the donut tool as
>   WPA will trigger a connect to a WPA3 network.
> Multiply: wlancfg-tests
> Change-Id: I6c663e18a2e60a9b90a609238f46af06f8445239
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Kevin Sakuma <>
> Reviewed-by: Marc Khouri <>
> Commit-Queue: Naomi Mccracken <>

Bug: 70928
Change-Id: Ia18a3662f6c440326f23a918301a1f7056805190
Commit-Queue: Naomi Mccracken <>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Sakuma <>
(cherry picked from commit 0a6b823ca4789ff5e1760430b87cb5e5b80eec8c)
2 files changed
tree: 7e3ed39501f2ba5fcfdd67079ce83717b751bbf4
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