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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use byteorder::BigEndian;
use modinv::modinv::inv_mod_u32;
use num::bigint::BigUint;
use num::traits::Pow;
use ring::signature::KeyPair;
use thiserror::Error;
use zerocopy::{byteorder::U32, AsBytes};
/// Number of bytes of a Signature.
pub const SIGNATURE_SIZE: u64 = 0x200;
/// Signature bytes returned by Key::sign().
pub type Signature = Vec<u8>;
fn calculate_rr(m: &BigUint, num_bits: u32) -> BigUint {
let two_power_num_bits = BigUint::from(2u32).pow(num_bits);
let rr: BigUint = two_power_num_bits.pow(2u8) % m;
fn calculate_n0inv(m: &BigUint) -> u32 {
assert!(m.to_bytes_le().len() >= 4);
let mut num_bytes = [0u8; 4];
let num = u32::from_le_bytes(num_bytes);
let n0inv = 0u32.wrapping_sub(inv_mod_u32(num));
/// An AVB key used for creating signatures.
pub struct Key {
/// The AVB key metadata raw bytes, which are written directly into the VBMeta blob.
pub metadata_bytes: Vec<u8>,
rsa: ring::signature::RsaKeyPair,
/// Errors that can occur during construction of a Key when parsing the PEM file.
#[derive(Error, Debug)]
pub enum KeyError {
/// The PEM cannot be converted to a DER.
#[error("cannot parse the pem")]
ParsePem(#[from] pem::PemError),
/// The DER cannot be converted to a RSA key pair.
#[error("cannot parse the der")]
#[derive(Error, Debug)]
#[error("failed to sign")]
/// Signing with the key failed.
pub struct SignFailure;
impl From<ring::error::Unspecified> for SignFailure {
fn from(_err: ring::error::Unspecified) -> Self {
impl Key {
/// Construct a new Key using the provided PEM string and metadata bytes.
/// This method can fail if the PEM or contained DER cannot be parsed.
pub fn try_new<M: Into<Vec<u8>>>(pem_str: &str, metadata: M) -> Result<Key, KeyError> {
let pem = pem::parse(pem_str)?;
let rsa_result = ring::signature::RsaKeyPair::from_pkcs8(&pem.contents);
if rsa_result.is_err() {
return Err(KeyError::ParseDer);
let rsa = rsa_result.unwrap();
Ok(Key { rsa, metadata_bytes: metadata.into() })
/// Sign `data` with the owned RSA key pair and return the Signature.
pub fn sign(&self, data: &[u8]) -> Result<Signature, SignFailure> {
let mut out = vec![0u8; SIGNATURE_SIZE as usize];
let rng = ring::rand::SystemRandom::new();
self.rsa.sign(&ring::signature::RSA_PKCS1_SHA512, &rng, data, &mut out)?;
/// Generate the AVB key header to be written directly into the VBMeta blob.
pub fn generate_key_header(&self) -> Vec<u8> {
let num_bits: u32 = (self.rsa.public_modulus_len() * 8usize) as u32;
let num_bits_big_endian = U32::<BigEndian>::new(num_bits);
let modulus = BigUint::from_bytes_be(
let rr = calculate_rr(&modulus, num_bits);
let n0inv = calculate_n0inv(&modulus);
// Assemble the bytes.
let mut bytes: Vec<u8> = Vec::new();
/// Returns a reference to the public portion of the key.
pub fn public_key(&self) -> &ring::signature::RsaSubjectPublicKey {
mod tests {
use crate::key::Key;
use crate::test;
fn invalid_key() {
let key = Key::try_new("Real Fake Doors", test::TEST_METADATA);
fn sign() {
let key = Key::try_new(&test::TEST_PEM, test::TEST_METADATA).expect("new key");
let signature = key.sign(&[0xBB; 32]).unwrap();
fn generated_header_and_metadata() {
let key = Key::try_new(&test::TEST_PEM, test::TEST_METADATA).expect("new key");
assert_eq!(key.metadata_bytes, test::TEST_METADATA);