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  1. assembly_manifest/
  2. base_package/
  3. blobfs/
  4. components/
  5. config_data/
  6. config_schema/
  7. domain_config/
  8. driver_manifest/
  9. fvm/
  10. fxfs/
  11. images_config/
  12. package_list/
  13. package_utils/
  14. partitions_config/
  15. platform_configuration/
  16. shell_commands/
  17. structured_config/
  18. subpackage_blobs_package/
  19. test_keys/
  20. test_util/
  21. tool/
  22. update_package/
  23. update_packages_manifest/
  24. util/
  25. validate_product/
  26. validate_util/
  27. vbmeta/
  28. zbi/
  30. OWNERS

Product and Image Assembly

This area contains the libraries that are used for implementing the in-tree and out-of-tree tools for Product and Image Assembly.

Image Assembly

Image Assembly is focused on the end of the build process: when all the compiled “things” are put together into the deliverable “images”:

  • core (or base) package (previously called system_image)
  • update package for OTA
  • Flashable artifacts like the fvm block image

Product Assembly

Product Assembly is a larger process, where pieces of the platform are selected and combined with pieces from the Product, to create the set of “things” to pass into Image Assembly.