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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use zerocopy::{
byteorder::network_endian::{U32, U64},
AsBytes, FromBytes,
// Supported minimum platform AVB version.
const MIN_AVB_VERSION_MAJOR: u32 = 1;
const MIN_AVB_VERSION_MINOR: u32 = 0;
// AVB version of this library.
const AVB_VERSION_MAJOR: u32 = 1;
const AVB_VERSION_MINOR: u32 = 2;
const AVB_VERSION_SUB: u32 = 0;
const ALGORITHM: u32 = 5; // SHA256
fn get_release_string() -> String {
#[derive(AsBytes, FromBytes, Debug, PartialEq)]
#[repr(C, packed)]
pub struct Header {
magic: [u8; 4],
pub min_avb_version_major: U32,
pub min_avb_version_minor: U32,
pub auth_data_size: U64,
pub aux_data_size: U64,
pub alg: U32,
pub hash_offset: U64,
pub hash_size: U64,
pub signature_offset: U64,
pub signature_size: U64,
pub public_key_offset: U64,
pub public_key_size: U64,
pub public_key_metadata_offset: U64,
pub public_key_metadata_size: U64,
pub descriptors_offset: U64,
pub descriptors_size: U64,
pub rollback_index: U64,
pub flags: U32,
pub rollback_index_location: U32,
release_string: [u8; 47],
pad: [u8; 81],
impl Default for Header {
fn default() -> Header {
let release_string: String = get_release_string();
let mut release_string_bytes = [0u8; 47];
Header {
magic: *b"AVB0",
min_avb_version_major: U32::new(MIN_AVB_VERSION_MAJOR),
min_avb_version_minor: U32::new(MIN_AVB_VERSION_MINOR),
auth_data_size: U64::new(0),
aux_data_size: U64::new(0),
alg: U32::new(ALGORITHM),
hash_offset: U64::new(0),
hash_size: U64::new(0),
signature_offset: U64::new(0),
signature_size: U64::new(0),
public_key_offset: U64::new(0),
public_key_size: U64::new(0),
public_key_metadata_offset: U64::new(0),
public_key_metadata_size: U64::new(0),
descriptors_offset: U64::new(0),
descriptors_size: U64::new(0),
rollback_index: U64::new(0),
flags: U32::new(0),
rollback_index_location: U32::new(0),
release_string: release_string_bytes,
pad: [0u8; 81],