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// Copyright 2023 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <zircon/assert.h>
#include <zircon/types.h>
#include <ktl/array.h>
#include <ktl/numeric.h>
#include <ktl/span.h>
#include <ktl/string_view.h>
namespace instrumentation {
using VmoName = ktl::array<char, ZX_MAX_NAME_LEN>;
// Higher level components will search under this root for debug data files from early boot.
constexpr ktl::string_view kRootPath = "i/";
// Debugdata files from early boot under this directory imply that the data is in flux, and
// continuously being updated.
constexpr ktl::string_view kDynamicSubDir = "/d/";
// Debugdata files from early boot under this directory imply that the data is static, and wont
// change.
constexpr ktl::string_view kStaticSubDir = "/s/";
// Returns an encoded path that fits within an object name. The encoded path is of the form:
// Given the length limit of an object's name property, and it's truncated to fit.
// It is considered if at least the module name does not fit into the encoded path.
inline VmoName DebugdataVmoName(ktl::string_view sink_name, ktl::string_view module_name,
ktl::string_view suffix, bool is_static) {
VmoName name = {};
ktl::span<char> buffer(name);
ktl::string_view data_type = is_static ? kStaticSubDir : kDynamicSubDir;
ktl::array path{kRootPath, sink_name, data_type, module_name};
// At least a few characters of the module name must fit in the name.
constexpr auto accumulate_size = [](size_t total, ktl::string_view str) {
return total + str.size();
size_t length = ktl::reduce(path.begin(), path.end(), size_t{}, accumulate_size);
ptrdiff_t overage = length - ZX_MAX_NAME_LEN;
ZX_ASSERT_MSG(overage <= 4, "VMO name would be %zu > %zu by %td", length, ZX_MAX_NAME_LEN,
for (ktl::string_view component : path) {
buffer = buffer.subspan(component.copy(, buffer.size() - 1));
if (buffer.empty()) {
// Either append full suffix or nothing at all.
if (buffer.size() >= suffix.size() + 1) {
buffer[0] = '.';
suffix.copy(buffer.subspan(1).data(), buffer.size() - 1);
return name;
} // namespace instrumentation