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// Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use fidl_fuchsia_net as fnet;
use net_declare::{fidl_subnet, std_socket_addr};
use netemul::RealmUdpSocket as _;
use netstack_testing_common::realms::{Netstack2, TestSandboxExt as _};
// NB: typically we prefer to panic in tests rather than returning `Result`;
// see
// However, we return a `Result` here so we can use the try operator `?` for better readability.
async fn test() -> Result<(), anyhow::Error> {
let sandbox = netemul::TestSandbox::new()?;
let network = sandbox.create_network("net").await?;
const CLIENT_SUBNET: fnet::Subnet = fidl_subnet!("");
const SERVER_SUBNET: fnet::Subnet = fidl_subnet!("");
let client_addr = std_socket_addr!("");
let server_addr = std_socket_addr!("");
let client = sandbox.create_netstack_realm::<Netstack2, _>("client")?;
let client_interface = client.join_network(&network, "client-ep").await?;
let client_socket = fuchsia_async::net::UdpSocket::bind_in_realm(&client, client_addr).await?;
let server = sandbox.create_netstack_realm::<Netstack2, _>("server")?;
let server_interface = server.join_network(&network, "server-ep").await?;
let server_socket = fuchsia_async::net::UdpSocket::bind_in_realm(&server, server_addr).await?;
const PAYLOAD: &'static str = "hello, world!";
let client_fut = async {
let written = client_socket.send_to(PAYLOAD.as_bytes(), server_addr).await.expect("sendto");
assert_eq!(written, PAYLOAD.as_bytes().len());
let server_fut = async {
let mut buf = [0u8; 1024];
let (read, from) = server_socket.recv_from(&mut buf[..]).await.expect("recvfrom");
assert_eq!(read, PAYLOAD.as_bytes().len());
assert_eq!(&buf[], PAYLOAD.as_bytes());
assert_eq!(from, client_addr);
let ((), ()) = futures_util::future::join(client_fut, server_fut).await;