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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// TODO(armansito): Remove this once a server channel can be killed using a Controller
use anyhow::{format_err, Context, Error};
use fidl::{endpoints, endpoints::Proxy};
use fidl_fuchsia_bluetooth_gatt2::ClientMarker;
use fidl_fuchsia_bluetooth_le::{
CentralProxy, ConnectionMarker, ConnectionOptions, ScanResultWatcherProxy,
use fuchsia_bluetooth::types::{le::Peer, PeerId, Uuid};
use fuchsia_sync::RwLock;
use futures::{future::FutureExt, select};
use std::{pin::pin, sync::Arc};
use crate::gatt::repl::start_gatt_loop;
pub type CentralStatePtr = Arc<RwLock<CentralState>>;
pub struct CentralState {
// If `Some(n)`, stop scanning and close the delegate handle after n more scan results.
pub remaining_scan_results: Option<u64>,
// If true, attempt to connect to the first scan result.
pub connect: bool,
// The proxy that we use to perform LE central requests.
svc: CentralProxy,
impl CentralState {
pub fn new(proxy: CentralProxy) -> CentralStatePtr {
Arc::new(RwLock::new(CentralState {
remaining_scan_results: None,
connect: false,
svc: proxy,
pub fn get_svc(&self) -> &CentralProxy {
/// If the remaining_scan_results is specified, decrement until it reaches 0.
/// Scanning should continue if the user is not attempted to connect to a device
/// and there are remaining scans left to run.
/// return: true if scanning should continue
/// false if scanning should stop
pub fn decrement_scan_count(&mut self) -> bool {
self.remaining_scan_results =
// decrement until n is 0
|n| if n > 0 { n - 1 } else { n },
// scanning should continue if connection will not be attempted and
// there are remaining scan results
!(self.connect || self.remaining_scan_results.iter().any(|&n| n == 0))
/// Watch for scan results from the given `result_watcher`. If `state.connect`, then try to connect
/// to the first connectable peer and stop scanning. Returns when `state.remaining_scan_results`
/// results have been received, or after the connected peer disconnects (whichever happens first).
pub async fn watch_scan_results(
state: CentralStatePtr,
result_watcher: ScanResultWatcherProxy,
) -> Result<(), Error> {
if result_watcher.is_closed() {
return Err(format_err!("ScanResultWatcherProxy closed"));
loop {
let fidl_peers: Vec<fidl_fuchsia_bluetooth_le::Peer> = result_watcher
.map_err(|e| format_err!("ScanResultWatcherProxy error: {e}"))?;
for fidl_peer in fidl_peers {
let peer = Peer::try_from(fidl_peer)?;
eprintln!(" {}", peer);
if state.write().decrement_scan_count() {
if && peer.connectable {
// connect_peripheral will log errors, so the result can be ignored.
// TODO( Use Central.Connect instead of deprecated Central.ConnectPeripheral.
let _ = connect(&state,, None).await;
return Ok(());
/// Attempts to connect to the peripheral with the given `peer_id` and begins the GATT REPL if this succeeds.
/// If `service_uuid` is specified, limit GATT service discovery to services with the indicated UUID.
pub async fn connect(
state: &CentralStatePtr,
peer_id: PeerId,
service_uuid: Option<Uuid>,
) -> Result<(), Error> {
let (conn_proxy, conn_server) = endpoints::create_proxy::<ConnectionMarker>()
.context("Failed to create Connection endpoints")?;
let conn_opts = ConnectionOptions {
bondable_mode: Some(true),
.connect(&peer_id.into(), &conn_opts, conn_server)
.context("Failed to connect")?;
let (gatt_proxy, gatt_server) = endpoints::create_proxy::<ClientMarker>()
.context("Failed to create GATT Client endpoints")?;
conn_proxy.request_gatt_client(gatt_server).context("GATT client request failed")?;
let mut conn_closed_fut = conn_proxy.on_closed().fuse();
let gatt_loop_fut = start_gatt_loop(gatt_proxy).fuse();
let mut gatt_loop_fut = pin!(gatt_loop_fut);
select! {
result = gatt_loop_fut => result,
_ = conn_closed_fut => {
println!("connection closed");