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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// A loader for Intel Bluetooth Firmware files.
#include <deque>
#include "command_channel.h"
#include "src/connectivity/bluetooth/core/bt-host/public/pw_bluetooth_sapphire/internal/host/transport/control_packets.h"
namespace bt_intel {
class IntelFirmwareLoader {
// |cmd_channel| is expected to outlive this object.
IntelFirmwareLoader(CommandChannel* cmd_channel) : channel_(cmd_channel) {}
~IntelFirmwareLoader() = default;
enum class LoadStatus {
// Firmware is complete, no patch loaded, ready.
// Patch is loaded, reset the controller with patches enabled to continue
// An unexpected event was returned from the controller
// The file provided is in an invalid
// Reads and loads a "bseq" file into the controller using the given command
// channel. Returns a LoadStatus indicating the result.
// - Complete if the firmware was loaded successfully
// - Patched if the firmware was loaded and a patch was added, meaning the
// controller should be reset.
// - Error otherwise.
LoadStatus LoadBseq(const std::string& filename);
// Reads and loads a "sfi" file into the controller using the given command
// channel. Returns true if the file was loaded, false otherwise
bool LoadSfi(const std::string& filename);
bool ParseBseq();
// Sends the next command and waits for the next events.
// Returns true if the events returned matched the expected |event_bytes|,
// false otherwise.
bool RunCommandAndExpect(const ::bt::PacketView<::bt::hci_spec::CommandHeader>& command,
std::deque<::bt::BufferView>& event_bytes);
// The command channel to use
CommandChannel* channel_;
} // namespace bt_intel