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# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This file is used in Fuchsia instead of //third_party/icu/config.gni
declare_args() {
# Tells icu to load an external data file rather than rely on the icudata
# being linked directly into the binary.
icu_use_data_file = true
# If true, then this creates a stub data file. This should be disabled if
# a custom data file will be used instead, in order to avoid conflicting
# symbols.
icu_use_stub_data = true
# If true, compile icu into a standalone static library. Currently this is
# only useful on Chrome OS.
icu_disable_thin_archive = false
# If set to nonempty, this is the label of the directory to be used to pull
# the ICU data files content. The setting has effect only when building
# inside the Fuchsia source tree.
icu_fuchsia_override_data_dir = ""
# If set, the ":icudata" target will copy the ICU data to $root_build_dir.
icu_copy_icudata_to_root_build_dir = false
# If set, the built libraries will live in their respective default output
# directories, not the root_build_dir.
icu_use_target_out_dir = true
# Fuchsia sometimes requires extra compilation flags for ICU to adapt it to
# its current toolchain. Since it takes a while for ICU to roll through
# Fuchsia, it can take a long time from an ICU commit to a fix rolling into
# Fuchsia. This flag allows us to define the flag ahead of time in
# //build/icu.gni, and remove the rollout issues.
icu_fuchsia_extra_compile_flags = []
# Set to true if icu is being built from the Fuchsia tree.
icu_is_in_fuchsia = defined(is_fuchsia_tree) && is_fuchsia_tree