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;;; fuchsia-common.el --- Description -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;;; Copyright (c) 2022 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
;;; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
;;; found in the LICENSE file.
(require 'seq)
(defgroup fuchsia nil
"Conveniences working with Fuchsia source code."
:group 'extensions
:group 'convenience
:version "28.1")
(defcustom fuchsia-root-file ".jiri_root"
"Marker file name for fuchsia project roots."
:type 'string)
(defun fuchsia--root ()
"Return the path to the root of the current fuchsia project."
(or (locate-dominating-file default-directory fuchsia-root-file)
(error "Current buffer is not in a fuchsia checkout")))
(defun fuchsia--in-root (fn)
"Run a function FN from the current fuchsia project root."
(let ((default-directory (fuchsia--root)))
(funcall fn)))
(defvar fuchsia-execution-buffer-name nil
"Name to give to the compilation buffer for this command")
(defun fuchsia--root-shell-command (command-strings &optional exec)
"Run a shell command from the current parent fuchsia root.
COMMAND-STRINGS is a list of strings which will be shell-quoted and
concatenated. "
(let ((buf-name (or fuchsia-execution-buffer-name
(cmd-str (combine-and-quote-strings command-strings)))
((eq exec 'compile)
(lambda ()
(lambda (&rest _) buf-name)))
(compile cmd-str))))
((eq exec 'async)
(lambda ()
(start-file-process-shell-command (car command-strings) buf-name cmd-str)
(message "Started process")))
(lambda ()
(message (shell-command-to-string cmd-str))))))))
(defun fuchsia--commands-to-sym (components)
"Return a symbol given a list of command COMPONENTS.
This is used internally to codegen function names.
(fuchsia-commmands-to-sym '(\"foo\" \"bar\")) => fuchsia-foo-bar."
(intern (mapconcat 'identity
(cons "fuchsia" components)
(defun fuchsia--default-subcmd (components &optional properties)
"Define a default interactive command for a fuchsia tool.
Given a list of shell command strings strings COMPONENTS, return
a form which can be evaluted to defun a default command for those
components. PROPERTIES is a property list that defines some
configuration for the generated function.
This resulting command is interactive and takes no arguments, and
prints the result returned by the function.
(eval (fuchsia--default-subcmd '(\"foo\" \"bar\")))
The above would register a command fuchsia-foo-bar which relies on a
function fuchsia-foo and passes it '(bar).
Configurations that can be used in PROPERTIES include:
:exec Default is run synchronously and also `message' the
result. May be 'compile to use a compilation-mode buffer, or
'async for an an async process.
`(defun ,(fuchsia--commands-to-sym components) ()
(let ((fuchsia-execution-buffer-name ,(plist-get properties :name)))
(,(fuchsia--commands-to-sym (list (car components))) ',(cdr components) ,(plist-get properties :exec)))))
(defun fuchsia--register-default-subcmds (decls)
"Register a list of default fuchsia tool commands.
Generate interative commands with `fuchsia-default-subcmd' for
each of the command string lists in SUBCMDS.
(fuchsia--register-default-submds ((\"foo\" \"bar\") (\"foo\" \"baz\")))
The above would define default commands for the \"foo bar\" and
\"foo baz\" commands which internally rely upon \"fuchsia-foo\.
See `fuchsia-fx' as a reference implementation for such a
(cl-map 'list
(lambda (decl)
(let ((commands (car decl))
(properties (car (cdr decl))))
(eval (fuchsia--default-subcmd commands properties))))
(provide 'fuchsia-common)
;;; fuchsia-common.el ends here