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  1. cml-mode.el
  2. fidl-mode.el
  3. fuchsia-common.el
  4. fuchsia-fx.el
  5. fuchsia-json5.el
  6. fuchsia.el

Emacs Libraries for Fuchsia Development.

This directory contains scripts for interacting with the Fuchsia source tree.


fx and ffx wrappers

fuchsia.el provides wrappers for some of the most common fx commands, such as fx build. Commands are prefixed with fuchsia-, e.g. fuchsia-fx-build.

Notably, executing fuchsia-fx-* with the prefix argument C-u will give fx the -i argument, which runs the given fx command every time a source file changes.

fidl-mode and cml-mode

These files add major modes with basic syntax highlighting and indentation in buffers visiting their respective file types.


Vanilla Emacs

A minimal configuration of these tools only requires adding them to your load-path and loading the package. This uses an existing checkout of the Fuchsia source code.

(push "<fuchsia source root>/scripts/emacs" load-path)

(require 'fuchsia)
(require 'fidl-mode)

Doom Emacs

Configuration for Doom Emacs requires adding the below to your ~/.doom.d/ configurations:

(push "<fuchsia source root>/scripts/emacs" load-path)
(use-package! fuchsia)
(use-package! fidl-mode)
(use-package! cml-mode)