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  1. f1ce52c [lowpan][lowpan-spinel-driver] Add a timeout for leave_network by Robert Quattlebaum · 15 minutes ago master
  2. a7b9940 [ffx] Removed unused commands by Matt Boetger · 45 minutes ago
  3. 8ae1a6a [gn] Format the remaining unformatted files by Marc-Antoine Ruel · 60 minutes ago
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  5. 2e63751 [netstack] Tersify NUD logs by Tamir Duberstein · 66 minutes ago


Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new operating system)

What is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is a modular, capability-based operating system. Fuchsia runs on modern 64-bit Intel and ARM processors.

Fuchsia is an open source project with a code of conduct that we expect everyone who interacts with the project to respect.

Read more about Fuchsia's principles.

How can I build and run Fuchsia?

See Getting Started.

Where can I learn more about Fuchsia?