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// DO NOT EDIT. This is code generated via package:intl/generate_localized.dart
// This is a library that provides messages for a messages locale. All the
// messages from the main program should be duplicated here with the same
// function name.
import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
import 'package:intl/message_lookup_by_library.dart';
// ignore: unnecessary_new
final messages = MessageLookup();
// ignore: unused_element
final _keepAnalysisHappy = Intl.defaultLocale;
// ignore: non_constant_identifier_names
typedef MessageIfAbsent(String message_str, List args);
class MessageLookup extends MessageLookupByLibrary {
get localeName => 'messages';
static m0(itemCount) => "${Intl.plural(itemCount, zero: 'There are no messages.', one: 'There is one message.', other: 'There are ${itemCount} messages.')}";
final messages = _notInlinedMessages(_notInlinedMessages);
static _notInlinedMessages(_) => <String, Function> {
"appTitle" : MessageLookupByLibrary.simpleMessage("Localized Mod"),
"bodyText" : m0,
"footer" : MessageLookupByLibrary.simpleMessage("Coming soon: actually reading those messages!")