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  2. intl_messages.arb
  3. intl_messages_he.arb
  4. messages_all.dart
  5. messages_he.dart
  6. messages_messages.dart


Most of the files in this directory were generated. Here's how:


This is generated from localized_mod/localized_mod_strings.dart using

localized_mod$ $FUCHSIA/third_party/dart-pkg/git/flutter/bin/flutter \
packages pub run \
intl_translation:extract_to_arb \
--output-dir=lib/localization \

This file should be checked in.


These are the result of manually translating intl_messages.arb into each target locale.

One option for generating these more easily is the Google Translator Toolkit.

In production code, these would be imported from a translation pipeline.

These files should be checked in.


These are generated from the .arb files. The command is

localized_mod$ $FUCHSIA/third_party/dart-pkg/git/flutter/bin/flutter \
packages pub run \
intl_translation:generate_from_arb \
--output-dir=lib/localization \
lib/localized_mod_strings.dart lib/localization/intl_*.arb

These are checked into the repo only as a temporary workaround.

In the future, there should be a GN build rule that will generate these code files at build time, so as to not pollute the source tree (FL-162).