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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* dexception.swg
* Typemaps used for propagating C++ exceptions to D.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
// Code which is inserted into the dout typemaps and class constructors via
// excode if exceptions can be thrown.
%define SWIGEXCODE "\n if ($imdmodule.SwigPendingException.isPending) throw $imdmodule.SwigPendingException.retrieve();" %enddef
%typemap(throws, canthrow=1) int,
unsigned int,
unsigned long,
unsigned short
%{ char error_msg[256];
sprintf(error_msg, "C++ $1_type exception thrown, value: %d", $1);
SWIG_DSetPendingException(SWIG_DException, error_msg);
return $null; %}
%typemap(throws, canthrow=1) SWIGTYPE, SWIGTYPE &, SWIGTYPE *, SWIGTYPE [ANY],
enum SWIGTYPE, const enum SWIGTYPE &
%{ (void)$1;
SWIG_DSetPendingException(SWIG_DException, "C++ $1_type exception thrown");
return $null; %}
%typemap(throws, canthrow=1) char *
%{ SWIG_DSetPendingException(SWIG_DException, $1);
return $null; %}