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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* d.swg
* Main library file for the D language module. See the D chapter in the SWIG
* manual for explanation on the typemaps, pragmas, etc. used.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
// Typemaps for exception handling.
%include <dexception.swg>
// Typemaps for primitive types.
%include <dprimitives.swg>
// Typemaps for non-primitive types (C/C++ classes and structs).
%include <dswigtype.swg>
// Typemaps for enumeration types.
%include <denums.swg>
// Typemaps for member function pointers.
%include <dmemberfunctionpointers.swg>
// Typemaps for wrapping pointers to/arrays of C chars as D strings.
%include <dstrings.swg>
// Typemaps for handling void function return types and empty parameter lists.
%include <dvoid.swg>
// Typemaps containing D code used when generating D proxy classes.
%include <dclassgen.swg>
// Mapping of C++ operator overloading methods to D.
%include <doperators.swg>
// Helper code string and exception handling.
%include <dhead.swg>
// Wrapper loader code for dynamically linking the C wrapper library from the D
// wrapper module.
%include <wrapperloader.swg>
// List of all reserved D keywords.
%include <dkw.swg>
// D-specific directives.
%include <ddirectives.swg>