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if [ catch { load ./cpp17_string_view[info sharedlibextension] cpp17_string_view} err_msg ] {
puts stderr "Could not load shared object:\n$err_msg"
test_value "Fee"
if {[test_value "Fi"] != "Fi"} { error "bad test_value"}
test_const_reference "Fo"
if {[test_const_reference "Fum"] != "Fum"} { error "bad test_const_reference"}
set stringPtr [test_pointer_out]
test_pointer $stringPtr
set stringPtr [test_const_pointer_out]
test_const_pointer $stringPtr
set stringPtr [test_reference_out]
test_reference $stringPtr
# Global variables
if {$ConstGlobalString != "const global string"} { error "bad ConstGlobalString_get"}
# Member variables
Structure s
if {[s cget -ConstMemberString] != "const member string"} { error "bad ConstMemberString"}
if {$Structure_ConstStaticMemberString != "const static member string"} { error "bad ConstStaticMemberString"}
test_const_reference_returning_void "foo"
if {[stdstringview_empty] != ""} { error "bad stdstringview_empty test" }
if {[c_empty] != ""} { error "bad c_empty test" }
# FIXME: [c_null] seems to give an empty string currently, but Tcl doesn't have
# a real NULL value and the string "NULL" we used for elsewhere for NULL
# pointers doesn't work well here as it's indistinguishable from the string
# "NULL" being returned.
#if {[c_null] != "NULL"} { error "bad c_null test" }
#if {[get_null [c_null]] != "NULL"} { error "bad get_null c_null test" }
if {[get_null [c_empty]] != "non-null"} { error "bad get_null c_empty test" }
if {[get_null [stdstringview_empty]] != "non-null"} { error "bad get_null stdstringview_empty test" }