Merge tag 'pull-testing-gdbstub-plugins-gitdm-061022-3' of into staging

testing, gdbstub, plugin and gitdm updates

  - cleanup scripts/ci/setup in advance of ppc64 runner
  - ensure detected gdb reported to TCG tests
  - update hexagon container with build deps
  - move alpine container to tagged release
  - fix overflow during qos-test test tree iteration
  - allow bios blobs to be built with test cross compilers
  - introduce monitor_puts for plain strings
  - share disas code between monitor and plugins
  - fix bug in execlog plugin
  - add more tcg plugin documentation, reorg
  - fix link to semihosting spec
  - re-factor gdbstub to use AccelClass/Ops
  - many gitdm updates
  - fix race with plugin mutex lock and linux-user fork()

# iQEzBAABCgAdFiEEZoWumedRZ7yvyN81+9DbCVqeKkQFAmM+s+YACgkQ+9DbCVqe
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# 918M8AiI3+4Mb/GwkdYBEyWgVZ5ELOkJTObypa5pwmF1K/xDUlG7ZRmJ9+xkJ44Q
# TmrVLQyw6d907B2u+DfqX68AYYnto1yQT/eUo6TiLdIJ5NXIYRn5u34snG9qWHja
# b/Dp7DxnoJMS1EhlMhukekCHGGNUeYn4ewIKbsG1EouH5PndzrvP8LRAcWyxv0m4
# tD2bEAHCMKqTqefkNgG7GCO3HND1JBfWdckx3OD4hBnMnuNtsZBL23QN7MDytgnv
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* tag 'pull-testing-gdbstub-plugins-gitdm-061022-3' of (52 commits)
  plugins: add [pre|post]fork helpers to linux-user
  contrib/gitdm: add Université Grenoble Alpes
  contrib/gitdm: add Simon to individual contributors
  contrib/gitdm: add China Telecom to the domain map
  contrib/gitdm: add ISCAS to the academics group
  contrib/gitdm: add WANG Xuerui to individual contributers
  contrib/gitdm: add Paul to individual contributors
  contrib/gitdm: add mapping for Loongson Technology
  accel/kvm: move kvm_update_guest_debug to inline stub
  gdbstub: move guest debug support check to ops
  gdbstub: move breakpoint logic to accel ops
  gdbstub: move sstep flags probing into AccelClass
  gdbstub: move into its own sub directory
  semihosting: update link to spec
  docs/devel: document the test plugins
  contrib/plugins: reset skip when matching in execlog
  docs/devel: move API to end of tcg-plugins.rst
  docs/devel: clean-up qemu invocations in tcg-plugins
  plugins: Assert mmu_idx in range before use in qemu_plugin_get_hwaddr
  plugins: extend execlog to filter matches

Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <>