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from __future__ import unicode_literals
import io, datetime, math, string, sys
from .utils import format_rfc3339
if sys.version_info[0] == 3:
long = int
unicode = str
def dumps(obj, sort_keys=False):
fout = io.StringIO()
dump(obj, fout, sort_keys=sort_keys)
return fout.getvalue()
_escapes = {'\n': 'n', '\r': 'r', '\\': '\\', '\t': 't', '\b': 'b', '\f': 'f', '"': '"'}
def _escape_string(s):
res = []
start = 0
def flush():
if start != i:
return i + 1
i = 0
while i < len(s):
c = s[i]
if c in '"\\\n\r\t\b\f':
start = flush()
res.append('\\' + _escapes[c])
elif ord(c) < 0x20:
start = flush()
res.append('\\u%04x' % ord(c))
i += 1
return '"' + ''.join(res) + '"'
_key_chars = string.digits + string.ascii_letters + '-_'
def _escape_id(s):
if any(c not in _key_chars for c in s):
return _escape_string(s)
return s
def _format_value(v):
if isinstance(v, bool):
return 'true' if v else 'false'
if isinstance(v, int) or isinstance(v, long):
return unicode(v)
if isinstance(v, float):
if math.isnan(v) or math.isinf(v):
raise ValueError("{0} is not a valid TOML value".format(v))
return repr(v)
elif isinstance(v, unicode) or isinstance(v, bytes):
return _escape_string(v)
elif isinstance(v, datetime.datetime):
return format_rfc3339(v)
elif isinstance(v, list):
return '[{0}]'.format(', '.join(_format_value(obj) for obj in v))
elif isinstance(v, dict):
return '{{{0}}}'.format(', '.join('{} = {}'.format(_escape_id(k), _format_value(obj)) for k, obj in v.items()))
raise RuntimeError(v)
def dump(obj, fout, sort_keys=False):
tables = [((), obj, False)]
while tables:
name, table, is_array = tables.pop()
if name:
section_name = '.'.join(_escape_id(c) for c in name)
if is_array:
table_keys = sorted(table.keys()) if sort_keys else table.keys()
new_tables = []
has_kv = False
for k in table_keys:
v = table[k]
if isinstance(v, dict):
new_tables.append((name + (k,), v, False))
elif isinstance(v, list) and v and all(isinstance(o, dict) for o in v):
new_tables.extend((name + (k,), d, True) for d in v)
elif v is None:
# based on mojombo's comment:
'#{} = null # To use: uncomment and replace null with value\n'.format(_escape_id(k)))
has_kv = True
fout.write('{0} = {1}\n'.format(_escape_id(k), _format_value(v)))
has_kv = True
if (name or has_kv) and tables: