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  1. actions/
  2. apidiff/
  3. btree/
  4. carver/
  5. detect/
  6. examples/
  7. fields/
  8. gapicgen/
  9. generated/
  10. godocfx/
  11. kokoro/
  12. leakcheck/
  13. optional/
  14. pretty/
  15. protostruct/
  16. pubsub/
  17. testutil/
  18. trace/
  19. tracecontext/
  20. uid/
  21. version/
  22. .repo-metadata-full.json
  23. annotate.go
  24. annotate_test.go
  26. retry.go
  27. retry_test.go


This directory contains internal code for packages.


.repo-metadata-full.json contains metadata about the packages in this repo. It is generated by internal/gapicgen/generator. It's processed by external tools to build lists of all of the packages.

Don't make breaking changes to the format without consulting with the external tools.

One day, we may want to create individual .repo-metadata.json files next to each package, which is the pattern followed by some other languages. External tools would then talk to or some other service to get the overall list of packages and use the .repo-metadata.json files to get the additional metadata required. For now, .repo-metadata-full.json includes everything.