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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace f2fs {
class VnodeCache {
// It checks if there is vnode for |ino| in vnode_table_, and
// it returns ZX_OK with valid |out| if it find it.
// Otherwise, it returns ZX_ERR_NOT_FOUND.
// When a caller tries to look up a vnode that is being recyclyed,
// it will be blocked until it gets inactive (deactivated) and
// valid ref_count.
zx_status_t Lookup(const ino_t& ino, fbl::RefPtr<VnodeF2fs>* out);
zx_status_t LookupUnsafe(const ino_t& ino, fbl::RefPtr<VnodeF2fs>* out)
// It tries to evict |vnode| from vnode_table_.
// It returns ZX_ERR_NOT_FOUND if it cannot find |vnode| in the table.
// A caller should ensure that |vnode| does not exist in dirty_list_.
zx_status_t Evict(VnodeF2fs* vnode);
zx_status_t EvictUnsafe(VnodeF2fs* vnode) __TA_REQUIRES(table_lock_);
// It tries to add |vnode| to vnode_table_.
// It returns ZX_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS if it is already in the table.
zx_status_t Add(VnodeF2fs* vnode);
// It tries to add/remove |vnode| to/from dirty_list_.
zx_status_t AddDirty(VnodeF2fs* vnode);
zx_status_t RemoveDirty(VnodeF2fs* vnode);
zx_status_t RemoveDirtyUnsafe(VnodeF2fs* vnode) __TA_REQUIRES(list_lock_);
void Downgrade(VnodeF2fs* raw_vnode);
// It erases every element in vnode_table_. A caller should ensure that
// dirty_list_ is empty.
void Reset();
using Callback = fbl::Function<zx_status_t(fbl::RefPtr<VnodeF2fs>&)>;
// It traverses dirty_lists and executes cb for the dirty vnodes with
// which cb_if returns ZX_OK.
zx_status_t ForDirtyVnodesIf(Callback cb, Callback cb_if = nullptr);
// It traverses vnode_tables and execute cb with every vnode.
zx_status_t ForAllVnodes(Callback callback);
bool IsDirtyListEmpty() __TA_EXCLUDES(list_lock_) {
bool ret = false;
fs::SharedLock lock(list_lock_);
ret = dirty_list_.is_empty();
ZX_ASSERT(ret == (ndirty_ == 0));
return ret;
// All vnode pointers including dirty vnodes are insered in vnode_table_, and
// f2fs tries to evict invalid vnodes (nlink_ = 0) at every checkpoint or VnodeF2fs::Recycle().
// To make inactive (ref = 0) vnodes keep alive in vnode_table_,
// it resurrects valid vnode pointers at VnodeF2fs::Recycle().
// TODO: Eviction policy needs to consider memory pressure.
using VnodeTableTraits = fbl::DefaultKeyedObjectTraits<ino_t, VnodeF2fs>;
using VnodeTable = fbl::WAVLTree<ino_t, VnodeF2fs*, VnodeTableTraits>;
// It is intented that dirty_list_ keeps valid dirty vnodes as keeping their ref_count.
// Once dirty vnode are inserted in dirty_list_, it never happen that their ref_count
// reach 0 and VnodeF2fs::Recycle is called before their eviction.
// Every checkpoint f2fs traverses dirty_list_ to write out dirty vnodes and to purge invalid
// dirty vnodes. A valid dirty vnode continues to be kept in vnode_tables_ regardless of eviction
// while invalid dirty nodes are deleted in Vnode::Recycle().
// Must not acquire kNodeTrunc lock when evciting invalid dirty nodes.
using DirtyVnodeList = fbl::DoublyLinkedList<fbl::RefPtr<VnodeF2fs>>;
fs::SharedMutex table_lock_{};
fs::SharedMutex list_lock_{};
VnodeTable vnode_table_ __TA_GUARDED(table_lock_){};
DirtyVnodeList dirty_list_ __TA_GUARDED(list_lock_){};
uint64_t ndirty_dir_ __TA_GUARDED(list_lock_){0};
uint64_t ndirty_ __TA_GUARDED(list_lock_){0};
} // namespace f2fs