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What is F2FS?

F2FS is the most commonly used log-structured file system in Linux. It supports flash-friendly features such as adaptive logging, multi-head logging, fsync acceleration, and node address translation. For more information see:

Major Release

1st release (Apr-06-2021)

  • Features: mkfs, mount/umount, read, write, rmdir, mkdir, rename, fsync, lseek, link, unlink
  • Remarks
  • Fuchsia base code ; Thu Mar 11 08:53:24 2021 Prashanth Swaminathan,76a08ad1474 [speak] Migrate to new component templates
  • There is no cache. Every request is handled as a synchronous operation.
  • fsync() triggers checkpointing
  • lock granularity: file operation
  • LFS is used for block allocation by default, and IPU is forced when the number of free sections is below 50%.
  • no background/foreground gc
  • disable the roll-forward recovery
  • 6 active logs
  • disable the ext-identify feature
  • block allocation: LFS, IPU
  • fsck do nothing, but it returns true
  • no discard

2nd release (May-28-2021)

  • Features: truncate, ssr, fsync, recovery
  • Remarks
  • Fuchsia base code ; Thu May 20 07:25:45 2021 Yilong Li, 02c0dfff0fdb
  • support the roll-forward recovery and file level fsync()
  • block allocation: LFS, IPU, SSR
  • truncate

3rd release (June-25-2021)

  • Features: fsck, mount option, mkfs option
  • Remarts
  • fsck (base: bbf6e62)
  • support the ext-identify feature
  • support discard

4th release (July-30-2021 ~)

  • Testability
  • Features: buffered IO, gc (if writable PagedVfs is available)
  • Remarks
  • background/foreground gc
  • caching node/meta blocks
  • read ahead
  • Page level locking
  • buffered IO
  • mmap
  • IPU can be disabled.
  • support fvm
  • xattr

How to build

$ fx set core.x64 --with-base //bundles:tools --with-base //bundles:tests --with-base third_party/f2fs $ fx emu -N --headless (see third_party/f2fs/test_files/ for test)