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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace f2fs {
/* start node id of a node block dedicated to the given node id */
inline uint32_t StartNid(uint32_t nid) { return (nid / kNatEntryPerBlock) * kNatEntryPerBlock; }
/* node block offset on the NAT area dedicated to the given start node id */
inline uint64_t NatBlockOffset(uint32_t start_nid) { return start_nid / kNatEntryPerBlock; }
/* # of pages to perform readahead before building free nids */
constexpr int kFreeNidPages = 4;
/* maximum # of free node ids to produce during build_free_nids */
constexpr int kMaxFreeNids = kNatEntryPerBlock * kFreeNidPages;
/* maximum readahead size for node during getting data blocks */
constexpr int kMaxRaNode = 128;
/* maximum cached nat entries to manage memory footprint */
constexpr uint32_t kNmWoutThreshold = 64 * kNatEntryPerBlock;
/* vector size for gang look-up from nat cache that consists of radix tree */
constexpr uint32_t kNatvecSize = 64;
* For node information
struct NodeInfo {
nid_t nid = 0; /* node id */
nid_t ino = 0; /* inode number of the node's owner */
block_t blk_addr = 0; /* block address of the node */
uint8_t version = 0; /* version of the node */
struct NatEntry {
list_node_t list; /* for clean or dirty nat list */
bool checkpointed = false; /* whether it is checkpointed or not */
NodeInfo ni; /* in-memory node information */
inline uint32_t NatGetNid(NatEntry *nat) { return nat->ni.nid; }
inline void NatSetNid(NatEntry *nat, nid_t n) { nat->ni.nid = n; }
inline block_t NatGetBlkaddr(NatEntry *nat) { return nat->ni.blk_addr; }
inline void NatSetBlkaddr(NatEntry *nat, block_t b) { nat->ni.blk_addr = b; }
inline uint32_t NatGetIno(NatEntry *nat) { return nat->ni.ino; }
inline void NatSetIno(NatEntry *nat, uint32_t i) { nat->ni.ino = i; }
inline uint8_t NatGetVersion(NatEntry *nat) { return nat->ni.version; }
inline void NatSetVersion(NatEntry *nat, uint8_t v) { nat->ni.version = v; }
inline uint8_t IncNodeVersion(uint8_t version) { return ++version; }
* For free nid mangement
enum class NidState {
kNidNew = 0, /* newly added to free nid list */
kNidAlloc, /* it is allocated */
struct FreeNid {
list_node_t list; /* for free node id list */
nid_t nid = 0; /* node id */
int state = 0; /* in use or not: kNidNew or kNidAlloc */
class NodeMgr {
// Not copyable or moveable
NodeMgr(const NodeMgr &) = delete;
NodeMgr &operator=(const NodeMgr &) = delete;
NodeMgr(NodeMgr &&) = delete;
NodeMgr &operator=(NodeMgr &&) = delete;
// TODO: Implement constructor
NodeMgr(F2fs *fs);
// TODO: Implement destructor
~NodeMgr() = default;
// Public functions
void SetFsyncMark(Page *page, int mark);
void SetDentryMark(Page *page, int mark);
zx_status_t NextFreeNid(nid_t *nid);
void NodeInfoFromRawNat(NodeInfo *ni, RawNatEntry *raw_ne);
static zx_status_t RestoreNodeSummary(F2fs *fs, uint32_t segno, SummaryBlock *sum);
zx_status_t BuildNodeManager();
void DestroyNodeManager();
zx_status_t ReadNodePage(Page *page, nid_t nid, int type);
zx_status_t GetNodePage(pgoff_t nid, Page **out);
// Caller should acquire LockType:kFileOp when |ro| = 0.
zx_status_t GetDnodeOfData(DnodeOfData *dn, pgoff_t index, int ro);
void FillNodeFooter(Page *page, nid_t nid, nid_t ino, uint32_t ofs, bool reset);
void CopyNodeFooter(Page *dst, Page *src);
uint32_t OfsOfNode(Page *node_page);
static int IsColdNode(Page *page);
static bool IsColdFile(VnodeF2fs *vnode);
static int IsColdData(Page *page);
uint8_t IsDentDnode(Page *page);
uint8_t IsFsyncDnode(Page *page);
uint64_t CpverOfNode(Page *node_page);
void FillNodeFooterBlkaddr(Page *page, block_t blkaddr);
static block_t NextBlkaddrOfNode(Page *node_page);
nid_t InoOfNode(Page *node_page);
nid_t NidOfNode(Page *node_page);
bool IS_DNODE(Page *node_page);
void GetNodeInfo(nid_t nid, NodeInfo *ni);
int SyncNodePages(nid_t ino, WritebackControl *wbc);
void SyncInodePage(DnodeOfData *dn);
bool AllocNid(nid_t *nid);
void AllocNidFailed(nid_t nid);
void AllocNidDone(nid_t nid);
zx_status_t TruncateInodeBlocks(VnodeF2fs *vnode, pgoff_t from);
// Caller should acquire LockType:kFileOp.
zx_status_t RemoveInodePage(VnodeF2fs *vnode);
// Caller should acquire LockType:kFileOp.
zx_status_t NewInodePage(Dir *parent, VnodeF2fs *child);
int IsCheckpointedNode(nid_t nid);
void ClearColdData(Page *page);
void DecValidNodeCount(SbInfo *sbis, VnodeF2fs *vnode, uint32_t count);
void GetNatBitmap(void *addr);
bool FlushNatsInJournal();
void FlushNatEntries();
int F2fsWriteNodePage(Page *page, WritebackControl *wbc);
int F2fsWriteNodePages(struct address_space *mapping, WritebackControl *wbc);
zx_status_t RecoverInodePage(Page *page);
void RecoverNodePage(Page *page, Summary *sum, NodeInfo *ni, block_t new_blkaddr);
void SetColdNode(VnodeF2fs *vnode, Page *page);
// It returns the starting file offset that |node_page| indicates.
// The file offset can be calcuated by using the node offset that |node_page| has.
// See NodeMgt::IS_DNODE().
block_t StartBidxOfNode(Page *node_page);
F2fs *fs_;
// Inline functions
bool IncValidNodeCount(SbInfo *sbi, VnodeF2fs *vnode, uint32_t count);
pgoff_t CurrentNatAddr(nid_t start);
bool IsUpdatedNatPage(nid_t start);
pgoff_t NextNatAddr(pgoff_t block_addr);
void SetToNextNat(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t start_nid);
void SetNid(Page *p, int off, nid_t nid, bool i);
nid_t GetNid(Page *p, int off, bool i);
#if 0 // porting needed
void SetColdData(Page *page);
// Functions
void ClearNodePageDirty(Page *page);
Page *GetCurrentNatPage(nid_t nid);
Page *GetNextNatPage(nid_t nid);
void RaNatPages(nid_t nid);
NatEntry *LookupNatCache(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t n);
uint32_t GangLookupNatCache(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t start, uint32_t nr, NatEntry **ep);
void DelFromNatCache(NmInfo *nm_i, NatEntry *e);
NatEntry *GrabNatEntry(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t nid);
void CacheNatEntry(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t nid, RawNatEntry *ne);
void SetNodeAddr(NodeInfo *ni, block_t new_blkaddr);
int TryToFreeNats(int nr_shrink);
zx::status<int> GetNodePath(long block, int offset[4], uint32_t noffset[4]);
void TruncateNode(DnodeOfData *dn);
zx_status_t TruncateDnode(DnodeOfData *dn);
zx_status_t TruncateNodes(DnodeOfData *dn, uint32_t nofs, int ofs, int depth);
zx_status_t TruncatePartialNodes(DnodeOfData *dn, Inode *ri, int *offset, int depth);
zx_status_t NewNodePage(DnodeOfData *dn, uint32_t ofs, Page **out);
#if 0 // porting needed
void RaNodePage(nid_t nid);
Page *GetNodePageRa(Page *parent, int start);
#if 0 // porting needed
int F2fsWriteNodePages(address_space *mapping,
WritebackControl *wbc);
int F2fsSetNodePageDirty(Page *page);
void F2fsInvalidateNodePage(Page *page, uint64_t offset);
int F2fsReleaseNodePage(Page *page, gfp_t wait);
FreeNid *LookupFreeNidList(nid_t n, list_node_t *head);
void DelFromFreeNidList(FreeNid *i);
int AddFreeNid(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t nid);
void RemoveFreeNid(NmInfo *nm_i, nid_t nid);
int ScanNatPage(NmInfo *nm_i, Page *nat_page, nid_t start_nid);
void BuildFreeNids();
zx_status_t InitNodeManager();
zx_status_t CreateNodeManagerCaches();
void DestroyNodeManagerCaches();
} // namespace f2fs