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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace f2fs {
constexpr uint32_t kChecksumOffset = 4092;
static const char* kMediaExtList[] = {"jpg", "gif", "png", "avi", "divx", "mp4", "mp3", "3gp",
"wmv", "wma", "mpeg", "mkv", "mov", "asx", "asf", "wmx",
"svi", "wvx", "wm", "mpg", "mpe", "rm", "ogg"};
struct MkfsOptions {
char* label = nullptr;
bool heap_based_allocation = true;
uint32_t overprovision_ratio = 5;
uint32_t segs_per_sec = 1;
uint32_t secs_per_zone = 1;
char* extension_list = nullptr;
class MkfsWorker {
explicit MkfsWorker(Bcache* bc);
~MkfsWorker() = default;
zx_status_t DoMkfs();
zx_status_t ParseOptions(int argc, char** argv);
Bcache* bc_;
MkfsOptions mkfs_options_;
// F2FS Parameter
GlobalParameters params_;
SuperBlock super_block_;
void InitGlobalParameters();
zx_status_t GetDeviceInfo();
zx_status_t FormatDevice();
void ConfigureExtensionList();
zx_status_t WriteToDisk(void* buf, uint64_t offset, size_t length);
zx_status_t PrepareSuperBlock();
zx_status_t InitSitArea();
zx_status_t InitNatArea();
zx_status_t WriteCheckPointPack();
zx_status_t WriteSuperBlock();
zx_status_t WriteRootInode();
zx_status_t UpdateNatRoot();
zx_status_t AddDefaultDentryRoot();
zx_status_t CreateRootDir();
void PrintUsage();
void PrintCurrentOption();
zx_status_t TrimDevice();
zx_status_t Mkfs(Bcache* bc, int argc, char** argv);
void AsciiToUnicode(const std::string& in_string, std::u16string* out_string);
} // namespace f2fs