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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace f2fs::fsck {
struct OrphanInfo {
uint32_t nr_inodes = 0;
uint32_t *ino_list = nullptr;
struct HardLinkNode {
uint32_t nid = 0;
uint32_t links = 0;
HardLinkNode *next = nullptr;
struct FsckInfo {
OrphanInfo orphani;
struct chk_result {
uint64_t valid_blk_cnt = 0;
uint32_t valid_nat_entry_cnt = 0;
uint32_t valid_node_cnt = 0;
uint32_t valid_inode_cnt = 0;
uint32_t multi_hard_link_files = 0;
uint64_t sit_valid_blocks = 0;
uint32_t sit_free_segs = 0;
} chk;
HardLinkNode *hard_link_list_head = nullptr;
char *main_seg_usage = nullptr;
char *main_area_bitmap = nullptr;
char *nat_area_bitmap = nullptr;
char *sit_area_bitmap = nullptr;
uint64_t main_area_bitmap_sz = 0;
uint32_t nat_area_bitmap_sz = 0;
uint32_t sit_area_bitmap_sz = 0;
uint64_t nr_main_blks = 0;
uint32_t nr_nat_entries = 0;
uint32_t dentry_depth = 0;
enum class NodeType {
kTypeInode = 37,
kTypeDirectNode = 43,
kTypeIndirectNode = 53,
kTypeDoubleIndirectNode = 67
enum class SegType {
kSegTypeData = 0,
enum class FileType {
kFtUnknown = 0,
#if 0 // porting needed
struct DumpOption {
nid_t nid;
int start_sit;
int end_sit;
int start_ssa;
int end_ssa;
uint32_t blk_addr;
constexpr uint32_t kDefaultDirTreeLen = 256;
class FsckWorker {
// Not copyable or movable
FsckWorker() = delete;
FsckWorker(const FsckWorker &) = delete;
FsckWorker &operator=(const FsckWorker &) = delete;
FsckWorker(FsckWorker &&) = delete;
FsckWorker &operator=(FsckWorker &&) = delete;
FsckWorker(Bcache *bc) : bc_(bc), tree_mark_(kDefaultDirTreeLen) {}
zx_status_t ChkNodeBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t nid, FileType ftype, NodeType ntype,
uint32_t *blk_cnt);
zx_status_t ChkInodeBlk(uint32_t nid, FileType ftype, Node *node_blk, uint32_t *blk_cnt,
NodeInfo *ni);
zx_status_t ChkDataBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t blk_addr, uint32_t *child_cnt,
uint32_t *child_files, int last_blk, FileType ftype, uint32_t parent_nid,
uint16_t idx_in_node, uint8_t ver);
void ChkDnodeBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t nid, FileType ftype, Node *node_blk, uint32_t *blk_cnt,
NodeInfo *ni);
void ChkIdnodeBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t nid, FileType ftype, Node *node_blk, uint32_t *blk_cnt);
void ChkDidnodeBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t nid, FileType ftype, Node *node_blk, uint32_t *blk_cnt);
void ChkDentryBlk(Inode *inode, uint32_t blk_addr, uint32_t *child_cnt, uint32_t *child_files,
int last_blk);
void PrintRawSbInfo();
void PrintCkptInfo();
void PrintNodeInfo(Node *node_block);
void PrintInodeInfo(Inode *inode);
void PrintDentry(uint32_t depth, std::string_view &name, DentryBlock *de_blk, int idx,
int last_blk);
// Fsck checks f2fs consistency as below.
// 1. It loads a valid superblock, and it obtains valid node/inode/block count information.
zx_status_t DoMount();
// 2. It builds three bitmap:
// a) main_area_bitmap indicates valid blocks that DoFsck() will identify.
// b) nat_area_bitmap indicates used NIDs retrieved from NAT.
// Once DoFsck() identifies a valid NID, it clears the bit.
// c) sit_area_bitmap indicates valid blocks retrieved from SIT.
// DoFsck() references it for checking the block validity.
zx_status_t Init();
// 3. It checks orphan nodes, and it updates nat_area_bitmap.
void ChkOrphanNode();
// 4. It traverses blocks from the root inode to leaf inodes to check the validity of
// the data/node blocks based on SSA and SIT and to update nat_area_bitmap and main_area_bitmap.
// In case of dir block, it checks the validity of child dentries and regarding inodes.
// It tracks various count information as well.
zx_status_t DoFsck();
// 5. It determines the consistency:
// a) main_area_bitmap must be the same as sit_area_bitmap
// b) all bits in nat_area_bitmap must be clear. That is, no dangling NIDs.
// c) The count information that DoFsck() retrieves must be the same as that in 1.
// d) no unreachable links
zx_status_t Verify();
void Free();
void DoUmount();
zx_status_t Run();
zx_status_t ReadBlock(void *data, uint64_t bno);
void InitSbInfo();
void *ValidateCheckpoint(block_t cp_addr, uint64_t *version);
zx_status_t SanityCheckRawSuper(const SuperBlock *raw_super);
zx_status_t ValidateSuperblock(block_t block);
zx_status_t GetValidCheckpoint();
zx_status_t SanityCheckCkpt();
zx_status_t InitNodeManager();
zx_status_t BuildNodeManager();
zx_status_t BuildSitInfo();
zx_status_t BuildCurseg();
zx_status_t BuildSegmentManager();
void BuildNatAreaBitmap();
void BuildSitAreaBitmap();
void BuildSitEntries();
zx_status_t ReadCompactedSummaries();
zx_status_t ReadNormalSummaries(CursegType type);
zx_status_t RestoreNodeSummary(unsigned int segno, SummaryBlock *sum_blk);
SegType GetSumBlockInfo(uint32_t segno, SummaryBlock *sum_blk);
SegType GetSumEntry(uint32_t blk_addr, Summary *sum_entry);
void ResetCurseg(CursegType type, int modified);
zx_status_t RestoreCursegSummaries();
SitBlock *GetCurrentSitPage(unsigned int segno);
void SegInfoFromRawSit(SegEntry *se, SitEntry *raw_sit);
void CheckBlockCount(uint32_t segno, SitEntry *raw_sit);
zx::status<int> LookupNatInJournal(uint32_t nid, RawNatEntry *raw_nat);
zx_status_t GetNatEntry(nid_t nid, RawNatEntry *raw_nat);
inline void ChkSegRange(unsigned int segno);
SegEntry *GetSegEntry(unsigned int segno);
uint32_t GetSegNo(uint32_t blk_addr);
zx_status_t GetNodeInfo(nid_t nid, NodeInfo *ni);
void AddIntoHardLinkList(uint32_t nid, uint32_t link_cnt);
zx_status_t FindAndDecHardLinkList(uint32_t nid);
inline bool IsValidSsaNodeBlk(uint32_t nid, uint32_t blk_addr);
inline bool IsValidSsaDataBlk(uint32_t blk_addr, uint32_t parent_nid, uint16_t idx_in_node,
uint8_t version);
inline bool IsValidNid(uint32_t nid) {
ZX_ASSERT(nid <= (kNatEntryPerBlock * RawSuper(&sbi_)->segment_count_nat
<< (sbi_.log_blocks_per_seg - 1)));
return true;
inline bool IsValidBlkAddr(uint32_t addr) {
if (addr >= RawSuper(&sbi_)->block_count || addr < GetSmInfo(&sbi_)->main_blkaddr) {
ZX_ASSERT_MSG(addr < RawSuper(&sbi_)->block_count, "block addr [0x%x]\n", addr);
ZX_ASSERT_MSG(addr >= GetSmInfo(&sbi_)->main_blkaddr, "block addr [0x%x]\n", addr);
return true;
inline block_t StartSumBlock() {
return StartCpAddr(&sbi_) + LeToCpu(GetCheckpoint(&sbi_)->cp_pack_start_sum);
inline block_t SumBlkAddr(int base, int type) {
return StartCpAddr(&sbi_) + LeToCpu(GetCheckpoint(&sbi_)->cp_pack_total_block_count) -
(base + 1) + type;
inline void NodeInfoFromRawNat(NodeInfo *ni, RawNatEntry *raw_nat) {
ni->ino = LeToCpu(raw_nat->ino);
ni->blk_addr = LeToCpu(raw_nat->block_addr);
ni->version = raw_nat->version;
#if 0 // porting needed
int FsckChkXattrBlk(uint32_t ino, uint32_t x_nid, uint32_t *blk_cnt);
void sit_dump(SbInfo *sbi, int start_sit, int end_sit);
void ssa_dump(SbInfo *sbi, int start_ssa, int end_ssa);
int dump_node(SbInfo *sbi, nid_t nid);
int dump_inode_from_blkaddr(SbInfo *sbi, uint32_t blk_addr);
FsckInfo fsck_;
SbInfo sbi_;
Bcache *bc_;
std::vector<char> tree_mark_;
zx_status_t Fsck(Bcache *bc);
} // namespace f2fs::fsck