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# Explore Fuchsia {#explore-fuchsia}
When Fuchsia is booted and displays the `$` prompt in the shell, you can now run
[components](/docs/concepts/components/v2). In Fuchsia, components are the basic
unit of executable software.
To run components on your Fuchsia device, see
[Run an example component](/docs/development/run/
## Run shell commands
To shutdown or reboot Fuchsia, use the following `dm` commands in the shell:
dm shutdown
dm reboot
[Connect to a target shell](/docs/development/build/
for more information.
## Select a tab {#select-a-tab}
Fuchsia shows multiple tabs in the shell. At the top of the screen, the
currently selected tab is highlighted in yellow.
The following keyboard shortcuts help you navigate the terminal:
- Alt+Tab switches between tabs.
- Alt+F{1,2,...} switches directly to a tab.
- Tab zero is the console, which displays the boot and component log.
- Tabs 1, 2 and 3 contain shells.
- Tabs 4 and higher contain components you've launched.
- Alt+Up/Down scrolls up and down by lines.
- Shift+PgUp/PgDown scrolls up and down by half page.
- Ctrl+Alt+Delete reboots.
## Write software for Fuchsia
For an example of writing [FIDL](/docs/development/languages/fidl) APIs and client
and server components, review the
[FIDL tutorials](/docs/development/languages/fidl/tutorials/
## Run tests
To test Fuchsia on your device, see
[Run Fuchsia tests](/docs/development/testing/
## Launch a graphical component
Most graphical components in Fuchsia use the
[Scenic](/docs/concepts/graphics/scenic/ system compositor. You can
launch such components (commonly found in `/system/apps`) using the
`present_view` command, for example:
present_view fuchsia-pkg://
See [Scenic example apps](/src/ui/examples).
If you launch a component that uses Scenic or hardware-accelerated graphics,
Fuchsia enters the graphics mode, which doesn't display the shell. To use the
shell, press `Alt+Escape` to enter the console mode. In the console mode,
`Alt+Tab` has the same behavior described in [Select a tab](#select-a-tab).
Press `Alt+Escape` again to return to the graphics mode.
## Contribute changes
To submit your contribution to Fuchsia, see
[Contribute changes](/docs/development/source_code/
## See also
* [fx workflows](/docs/development/build/
* [Workflow tips and questions](/docs/development/source_code/
* [Configure editors](/docs/development/editors/)
* [Source code layout](/docs/concepts/source_code/
* [Build system](/docs/concepts/build_system/