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# Block device testing
Warning: All of the following tests are destructive, and they may not
ask for confirmation before executing. Run at your own risk.
## Protocol testing
`blktest` is an integration which may be used to check adherence to the block protocol.
$ blktest -d /dev/class/block/000
## Filesystem testing
`fs-test` is a filesystem integration test suite that can be used to verify
Fuchsia filesystem correctness on a filesystem.
To avoid racing with the auto-mounter, it is recommended to run this
test with the kernel command line option "zircon.system.disable-automount=true".
$ /boot/test/fs/fs-test -d /dev/class/block/000 -f minfs
## Correctness testing
`iochk` is a tool which pseudorandomly reads and writes to a block device to check for errors.
$ iochk -bs 32k -t 8 /dev/class/block/000
## Performance testing
`iotime` is a benchmarking tool which tests the read and write performance of block devices.
$ iotime read fifo /dev/class/block/000 64m 4k