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FIDL (**F**uchsia **I**nterface **D**efinition **L**anguage) is the IPC system for Fuchsia.
## Start here
The [language tutorials][tutorials] presents a simple "*Hello, world*" client
and server, showing the FIDL language definitions and continuing with sections
specific to each supported target language (e.g., C++, Dart).
Read the [concepts doc][concepts] to get a brief overview of what FIDL is,
including some of its design goals, requirements, and workflow.
## Developer Guides
* [Running FIDL][cli] — quick CLI overview of the various programs in the FIDL toolchain
* [Style Guide][style]
* [Designing APIs][designing-apis]
* [Evolving APIs][evolving-apis] — details the possible transitions for each FIDL type,
taking into account API and ABI compatibility
* [Maxing Out Pagination][pagination] — help on determining how much data can fit into a single
* [C Family Binding Comparison][c-family] — how to decide which binding (HLCPP, LLCPP, or C) to use
## References
The [bindings reference][bindings-ref] includes references of generated code in each binding and the FIDL
utility libraries available to each language.
The [language reference][language-ref] is for everything else, like the
[wire format][wire-format] and [FTPs][ftps].
## Contributing
Please read the [contributing doc][contributing] for more information.
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