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# Overview
Fuchsia is a new open source operating system created at Google
that is currently under active development.
We are building Fuchsia from the kernel up
to meet the needs of todays growing ecosystem of connected devices.
Fuchsia is still evolving rapidly,
but the underlying principles and values of the system
have remained relatively constant throughout the project.
The core architectural principles guiding Fuchsias design and development are:
secure, updatable, inclusive, and pragmatic.
## [Secure](/docs/concepts/principles/
All software that runs on Fuchsia receives the least privilege it needs
to perform its job,
and gains access only to information it needs to know.
## [Updatable](/docs/concepts/principles/
Much like the web,
software on Fuchsia is designed to come and go as needed,
and security patches can be pushed to all products on demand.
## [Inclusive](/docs/concepts/principles/
Fuchsia is an open source project that currently supports a variety
of languages and runtimes, including C++, Web, Rust, Go, Flutter, and Dart.
## [Pragmatic](/docs/concepts/principles/
Fuchsia is not a science experiment,
its a production-grade operating system that must adhere to fundamentals,
like performance.