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# Fuchsia Documentation
This `` document is a top-level entry point to the Fuchsia
- [Code of conduct](/
- [Glossary]( - definitions of commonly used terms
- [Getting started]( - everything you need to get started
with Fuchsia
- [Development](development/ - instructions for building, running and
testing Fuchsia and software that runs on Fuchsia
- [System](/docs/concepts/ - documentation for how Fuchsia works
- [Zircon](/docs/concepts/kernel/ - documentation for the Zircon kernel
- [Run an example component](/docs/development/run/ - instructions for running examples
on a device
- [Contributing changes](/
Other files in this repository are **system-wide** documentation articles for
Fuchsia. **Individual subprojects** have their own documentation within each
project repository. The articles above link to Individual documents both within
the system-wide repository and within Individual project repositories.