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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include <fs-host/common.h>
#include <minfs/host.h>
class MinfsCreator : public FsCreator {
// Pass a value of '2' for the initial data blocks:
// 1 for the reserved block, and 1 for the root directory inode.
MinfsCreator() : FsCreator(2), dir_bytes_(0) {}
// Parent overrides:
zx_status_t Usage() override;
const char* GetToolName() override { return "minfs"; }
bool IsCommandValid(Command command) override;
bool IsOptionValid(Option option) override;
bool IsArgumentValid(Argument argument) override;
zx_status_t ProcessManifestLine(FILE* manifest, const char* dir_path) override;
zx_status_t ProcessCustom(int argc, char** argv, uint8_t* processed) override;
zx_status_t CalculateRequiredSize(off_t* out) override;
zx_status_t Mkfs() override;
zx_status_t Fsck() override;
zx_status_t UsedDataSize() override;
zx_status_t UsedInodes() override;
zx_status_t UsedSize() override;
zx_status_t Add() override;
zx_status_t Ls() override;
// Minfs-specific methods:
// Recursively processes the contents of a directory and adds them to the lists to be processed.
zx_status_t ProcessEntityAndChildren(char* src, char* dst);
// Processes the parent(s) of a directory/file and adds them to the list to be processed.
zx_status_t ProcessParentDirectories(char* path);
// Adds |path| to the list of directories to be processed, and calculates the space required to
// store the directory in minfs (if necessary).
zx_status_t ProcessDirectory(char* path);
// Adds the |src| and |dst| files to the list of pairs to be processed, and calculates the
// space required to store the file on minfs (if necessary).
zx_status_t ProcessFile(char* src, char* dst);
// Calculates the space required to store a minfs directory entry for the given path.
void ProcessDirectoryEntry(char* path);
// Calculates the number of minfs data blocks required for a given host-side file size.
zx_status_t ProcessBlocks(off_t data_size);
// Generate a Bcache instance from fd_.
zx_status_t GenerateBcache(std::unique_ptr<minfs::Bcache>* out);
// "Mount" the minfs partition using the host-side emu_ interface.
zx_status_t MountMinfs();
// Number of bytes required for all directory entries (used on create with manifest).
size_t dir_bytes_;
// List of all directories that may need to be created or ls'd.
fbl::Vector<fbl::String> dir_list_;
// List of all files to be copied from one place to another.
// Each pair in the list represents a <source> path, and a <dest> path.
fbl::Vector<std::pair<fbl::String, fbl::String>> file_list_;