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SHA256: dfdb4dd7d35ccb8866dc5028a05330f622fc2742073ed25b4d57362f1317724e
License: Dual-licensed GPLv2/BSD
Version: 20160108
- Added README.fuchsia
- Added
- Added LICENSE containing copy of source license banner
- Added source/include/platform/aczircon.h
- Added source/include/platform/acfuchsia.h
- Modified source/include/platform/acenv.h to use aczircon.h/acfuchsia.h
- Added source/os_specific/service_layers/oszircon.c
- Added source/os_specific/service_layers/osfuchsia.c
- Moved everything in source/include into source/include/acpica
- Wrapped source/include/acpica/acpi.h with __BEGIN_CDECLS/__END_CDECLS
- Modified source/components/tables/tbxfload.c to check AcpiGbl_DsdtIndex
- Modified AcpiHwLegacySleep to extract out a subfunction AcpiHwLegacySleepFinal (needed
for Zircon suspend-to-RAM support).
- Made AcpiHwSetFirmwareWakingVector an exported function
- Fix instances of undefined behavior reported by UBSan (misaligned pointer
accesses, member accesses on nullptrs, and left shifting by 31 on ints)
- Added workaround for use-after-free on NuC in AcpiNsTerminate