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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use fuchsia_async::{self as fasync, WaitState};
use fuchsia_zircon as zx;
use futures::Future;
use std::marker::PhantomPinned;
use std::pin::Pin;
/// A subloop as understood by the test loop.
pub(crate) trait Subloop {
/// Advances the fake time to `time`.
fn advance_time_to(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>, time: zx::Time);
/// Dispatches the next due message. Returns true iff a message
/// was dispatched.
fn dispatch_next_due_message(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> bool;
/// Returns what |dispatch_next_due_message| would return but does
/// not perform any work.
fn has_pending_work(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> bool;
/// Returns the next time at which this loop should be woken up if
/// nothing else happens, or ZX_TIME_INFINITE.
fn get_next_task_due_time(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> zx::Time;
/// A subloop wrapping an executor and its main future.
pub(crate) struct SubloopExecutor<F> {
executor: fasync::Executor,
future: F,
_pinned: PhantomPinned,
/// A mutable borrow of the fields of a `SubloopExecutor`.
struct SubloopExecutorBorrowMut<'a, F> {
executor: &'a mut fasync::Executor,
future: Pin<&'a mut F>,
impl<F> SubloopExecutor<F> {
/// Constructs a new `SubloopExecutor` with the given main future.
pub(crate) fn new(future: F) -> SubloopExecutor<F> {
let mut executor =
fasync::Executor::new_with_fake_time().expect("unable to create executor");
SubloopExecutor { executor, future, _pinned: PhantomPinned }
// Implements pinned projection for SubloopExecutor<F>.
// pin_utils::unsafe_{,un}pinned is not enough because we need to access the two fields concurrently.
// Safe because SubloopExecutor<F> is !Unpin, and the returned references are to disjoint parts
// of the executor.
fn as_mut(self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> SubloopExecutorBorrowMut<'_, F> {
unsafe {
let mut_self = self.get_unchecked_mut();
SubloopExecutorBorrowMut {
executor: &mut mut_self.executor,
future: Pin::new_unchecked(&mut mut_self.future),
impl<F> Subloop for SubloopExecutor<F>
F: Future,
fn advance_time_to(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>, time: zx::Time) {
let mut_self = SubloopExecutor::as_mut(pin_self);
fn dispatch_next_due_message(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> bool {
let mut mut_self = SubloopExecutor::as_mut(pin_self);
mut_self.executor.run_one_step(&mut mut_self.future).is_some()
fn has_pending_work(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> bool {
let mut_self = SubloopExecutor::as_mut(pin_self);
mut_self.executor.is_waiting() == WaitState::Ready
fn get_next_task_due_time(pin_self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> zx::Time {
let mut_self = SubloopExecutor::as_mut(pin_self);
match mut_self.executor.is_waiting() {
WaitState::Ready => zx::Time::INFINITE_PAST,
WaitState::Waiting(t) => t.into_zx(),