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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/net/tun/cpp/fidl.h>
#include <lib/async-loop/cpp/loop.h>
#include <lib/fidl/cpp/binding.h>
#include <queue>
#include <fbl/intrusive_double_list.h>
#include <fbl/mutex.h>
#include "buffer.h"
#include "device_adapter.h"
#include "mac_adapter.h"
namespace network {
namespace tun {
// Implements ``.
// `TunDevice` uses `DeviceAdapter` and `MacAdapter` to fulfill the ``
// protocol. All FIDL requests are served over its own internally held `async::Loop`.
class TunDevice : public fbl::DoublyLinkedListable<std::unique_ptr<TunDevice>>,
public fuchsia::net::tun::Device,
public DeviceAdapterParent,
public MacAdapterParent {
static constexpr size_t kMaxPendingOps = fuchsia::net::tun::MAX_PENDING_OPERATIONS;
// Creates a new `TunDevice` with `config`.
// `teardown` is called when all the bound client channels are closed.
// On success, the new device is stored in `out`.
static zx_status_t Create(fit::callback<void(TunDevice*)> teardown,
fuchsia::net::tun::DeviceConfig config,
std::unique_ptr<TunDevice>* out);
~TunDevice() override;
// implementation:
void WriteFrame(fuchsia::net::tun::Frame frame, WriteFrameCallback callback) override;
void ReadFrame(ReadFrameCallback callback) override;
void GetState(GetStateCallback callback) override;
void WatchState(WatchStateCallback callback) override;
void SetOnline(bool online, SetOnlineCallback callback) override;
void ConnectProtocols(fuchsia::net::tun::Protocols protos) override;
void GetSignals(GetSignalsCallback callback) override;
// DeviceAdapterParent implementation:
const fuchsia::net::tun::BaseConfig& config() const override { return config_.base(); };
void OnHasSessionsChanged(DeviceAdapter* device) override;
void OnTxAvail(DeviceAdapter* device) override;
void OnRxAvail(DeviceAdapter* device) override;
// MacAdapterParent implementation:
void OnMacStateChanged(MacAdapter* adapter) override;
// Binds `req` to this device.
// Requests are served over this device's owned loop.
// NOTE: at this moment only one binding is supported, if the device is already bound the previous
// channel is closed.
void Bind(fidl::InterfaceRequest<fuchsia::net::tun::Device> req);
TunDevice(fit::callback<void(TunDevice*)> teardown, fuchsia::net::tun::DeviceConfig config);
// Fulfills pending WriteFrame requests.
void RunWriteFrame();
// Fulfills pending ReadFrame requests.
void RunReadFrame();
// Fulfills pending WatchState requests.
void RunStateChange();
// Calls the teardown callback.
void Teardown();
bool IsBlocking() { return static_cast<bool>(config_.blocking()); }
async::Loop loop_;
fit::callback<void(TunDevice*)> teardown_callback_;
fit::optional<thrd_t> loop_thread_;
fuchsia::net::tun::DeviceConfig config_;
fidl::Binding<fuchsia::net::tun::Device> binding_;
std::unique_ptr<DeviceAdapter> device_;
std::unique_ptr<MacAdapter> mac_;
// Helper struct to store pending write requests.
struct PendingWriteRequest {
// The frame contained in the request.
fuchsia::net::tun::Frame frame;
// The callback to complete the FIDL transaction.
WriteFrameCallback callback;
PendingWriteRequest(fuchsia::net::tun::Frame frame, WriteFrameCallback callback)
: frame(std::move(frame)), callback(std::move(callback)) {}
std::queue<ReadFrameCallback> pending_read_frame_;
std::queue<PendingWriteRequest> pending_write_frame_;
WatchStateCallback pending_watch_state_;
fit::optional<fuchsia::net::tun::InternalState> last_state_;
zx::eventpair signals_self_;
zx::eventpair signals_peer_;
} // namespace tun
} // namespace network