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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <lib/unittest/unittest.h>
#include <object/job_dispatcher.h>
#include <object/process_dispatcher.h>
#include <object/vm_address_region_dispatcher.h>
namespace {
static const size_t index_limit_ = {20}; // Arbitrary.
static bool TestJobEnumerator() {
class TestJobEnumerator : public JobEnumerator {
// These could be private, but this is a unit test, so they're public.
bool badness_ = false;
bool called_after_stop_ = false;
size_t index_ = 0u;
struct Entry {
zx_koid_t koid;
zx_koid_t parent_koid;
} entries_[index_limit_];
bool AddEntry(zx_koid_t koid, zx_koid_t parent_koid) {
if (index_ >= index_limit_) {
// When index_ >= index_limit_ a value of false is returned (below)
// which means that no further OnJob or OnProcess calls should be made.
// If this is called after that state, then the EnumerateChildren code
// didn't honor the contract about halting on a `return false`.
called_after_stop_ = true;
return false;
entries_[index_].koid = koid;
entries_[index_].parent_koid = parent_koid;
return index_ < index_limit_;
bool OnJob(JobDispatcher* job) override {
if (job == nullptr) {
badness_ = true; // Very unexpected.
return false;
if (job->parent() == nullptr) {
badness_ = true; // Very unexpected.
return false;
return AddEntry(job->get_koid(), job->parent()->get_koid());
bool OnProcess(ProcessDispatcher* proc) override {
if (proc == nullptr) {
badness_ = true; // Very unexpected.
return false;
if (proc->job() == nullptr) {
badness_ = true; // Very unexpected.
return false;
return AddEntry(proc->get_koid(), proc->job()->get_koid());
} job_enumerator;
fbl::RefPtr<JobDispatcher> root_job = GetRootJobDispatcher();
ASSERT_TRUE(root_job, "The root job is required.");
// Enumerating the children will not add the root job itself. Add it explicitly.
job_enumerator.AddEntry(root_job->get_koid(), ZX_KOID_INVALID);
root_job->EnumerateChildren(&job_enumerator, /*recurse=*/true);
ASSERT_FALSE(job_enumerator.badness_, "A pointer was unexpectedly null.");
ASSERT_FALSE(job_enumerator.called_after_stop_, "Return false didn't halt Enumeration.");
// There should be at least one job.
ASSERT_GT(job_enumerator.index_, 0u, "At least one job");
// Check that all nodes have a path to the root node.
for (size_t i = 1u; i < job_enumerator.index_; ++i) {
bool found_root = false;
zx_koid_t current = job_enumerator.entries_[i].parent_koid;
// All the parents are expected to be in the list prior to the child.
for (size_t k = i; k != 0; --k) {
if (current == job_enumerator.entries_[k - 1].koid) {
if (k == 1 && current == job_enumerator.entries_[0].koid) {
// The last step should always be at index 0 (the root).
found_root = true;
current = job_enumerator.entries_[k - 1].parent_koid;
ASSERT_TRUE(found_root, "Find root");
bool TestJobNoChildrenSignal() {
// Create a new job.
KernelHandle<JobDispatcher> root;
zx_rights_t rights;
ASSERT_EQ(JobDispatcher::Create(0, /*parent=*/GetRootJobDispatcher(), &root, &rights), ZX_OK);
// Ensure all three NO_{JOBS,PROCESSES,CHILDREN} signals are active.
// Create a child job.
KernelHandle<JobDispatcher> child_job;
ASSERT_EQ(JobDispatcher::Create(0, root.dispatcher(), &child_job, &rights), ZX_OK);
// Ensure the NO_CHILDREN and NO_JOBS signals have cleared.
EXPECT_EQ(root.dispatcher()->PollSignals(), ZX_JOB_NO_PROCESSES);
// Create a child process.
KernelHandle<ProcessDispatcher> child_process;
KernelHandle<VmAddressRegionDispatcher> vmar;
zx_rights_t process_rights;
zx_rights_t vmar_rights;
ASSERT_EQ(ProcessDispatcher::Create(root.dispatcher(), "test-process", /*flags=*/0u,
&child_process, &process_rights, &vmar, &vmar_rights),
// Ensure the NO_PROCESS signal has cleared.
EXPECT_EQ(root.dispatcher()->PollSignals(), 0u);
// Kill the child job. Ensure NO_JOBS is active again.
EXPECT_EQ(root.dispatcher()->PollSignals(), ZX_JOB_NO_JOBS);
// Kill the child process. Ensure all three signals are active again.
} // namespace
UNITTEST("JobDispatcherJobEnumerator", TestJobEnumerator)
UNITTEST("JobNoChildrenSignal", TestJobNoChildrenSignal)
UNITTEST_END_TESTCASE(job_dispatcher_tests, "job_dispatcher_tests", "JobDispatcher tests")