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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/modular/lib/module_manifest/module_manifest_xdr.h"
namespace modular {
namespace {
void XdrParameterConstraint(XdrContext* const xdr,
fuchsia::modular::ParameterConstraint* const data) {
xdr->Field("name", &data->name);
xdr->Field("type", &data->type);
void XdrModuleManifestIntentFilters(XdrContext* const xdr,
fuchsia::modular::IntentFilter* const data) {
xdr->Field("action", &data->action);
xdr->Field("parameters", &data->parameter_constraints, XdrParameterConstraint);
} // namespace
void XdrModuleManifest_v1(XdrContext* const xdr, fuchsia::modular::ModuleManifest* const data) {
std::string dummy_binary;
xdr->Field("binary", &dummy_binary);
xdr->Field("suggestion_headline", &data->suggestion_headline);
xdr->Field("composition_pattern", &data->composition_pattern);
// Version 2 supports multiple actions using the "intent_filters" field. This
// version supports just one with "action" and "parameters" fields, so we
// put those in "IntentFilter[0]".
xdr->Field("action", &data->intent_filters->at(0).action);
xdr->Field("parameters", &data->intent_filters->at(0).parameter_constraints,
void XdrModuleManifest_v2(XdrContext* const xdr, fuchsia::modular::ModuleManifest* const data) {
if (!xdr->Version(2)) {
xdr->Field("suggestion_headline", &data->suggestion_headline);
xdr->Field("composition_pattern", &data->composition_pattern);
xdr->Field("intent_filters", &data->intent_filters, XdrModuleManifestIntentFilters);
xdr->Field("placeholder_color", &data->placeholder_color);
// New nullable fields may be added to latest version (i.e., no need to do a
// version bump). Removing old fields needs a new version, in which case all xdr
// filter for previous versions should be updated to provide a polyfill.
extern const XdrFilterType<fuchsia::modular::ModuleManifest> XdrModuleManifest[] = {
} // namespace modular