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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.io2;
using zx;
/// Node defines the minimal protocol for entities which can be accessed
/// in a filesystem.
protocol Node {
/// Creates another connection to the same node.
/// + `options` options applicable to both `Open` and `Reopen`,
/// including negotiating protocol and restricting rights.
/// See [`fuchsia.io2/ConnectionOptions`].
/// + `object_request` is the server end of a channel created for the new
/// connection. The caller may proceed to send messages on the
/// corresponding client end right away.
/// For files, the cloned connection and the original connection have
/// independent seek offsets.
Reopen(ConnectionOptions options,
zx.handle:CHANNEL object_request);
/// Terminates the connection to the node.
/// After calling `Close`, the client must not send any other requests.
/// The result of `Close` arrives as an epitaph, where the channel is closed
/// by the server upon processing this operation.
/// Closing the client end of the channel should be semantically equivalent
/// to calling `Close` without monitoring the status epitaph.
/// This method does not require any rights.
/// Returns extra connection information and auxiliary handles.
/// + `query` specifies the fields in `ConnectionInfo` that the caller is
/// interested in.
/// - `info` see [`fuchsia.io2/ConnectionInfo`] for details on the fields.
/// When all known bits in `query` are set, the return value matches
/// the one from [`OnConnectionInfo`], as if the caller requested that event
/// using [`ConnectionFlags.GET_CONNECTION_INFO`].
/// If the `Describe` operation fails, the connection is closed with the
/// associated error.
/// This method does not require any rights.
Describe(ConnectionInfoQuery query) -> (ConnectionInfo info);
/// An event produced eagerly by the server if requested by
/// [`ConnectionFlags.GET_CONNECTION_INFO`]. This event will be the
/// first message from the server, and is sent exactly once.
/// - `info` See [`fuchsia.io2/ConnectionInfo`] for details on the fields.
/// All members should be present.
/// Different from [``], an error during open/reopen is
/// always manifested as an epitaph.
-> OnConnectionInfo(ConnectionInfo info);
/// Acquires a token which can be used to identify this connection at
/// a later point in time.
/// This method does not require any rights. Note that the token identifies
/// the connection, hence carries the rights information on this connection.
GetToken() -> (Token token) error zx.status;
/// Acquires information about the node.
/// The attributes of a node should be stable, independent of the
/// specific protocol used to access it.
/// + `query` a bit-mask specifying which attributes to fetch. The server
/// should not return more than necessary.
/// - `attributes` the returned attributes.
/// This method requires the [`Rights.GET_ATTRIBUTES`] right.
GetAttributes(NodeAttributesQuery query)
-> (NodeAttributes attributes) error zx.status;
/// Updates information about the node.
/// + `attributes` the presence of a table field in `attributes` indicates
/// the intent to update the corresponding attribute.
/// This method requires the [`Rights.UPDATE_ATTRIBUTES`] right.
UpdateAttributes(NodeAttributes attributes) -> () error zx.status;
/// Synchronizes updates to the node to the underlying media, if it exists.
/// This method will return when the filesystem server has flushed the
/// relevant updates to the underlying media, but does not guarantee the
/// underlying media has persisted the information, nor that any information
/// is committed to hardware. Clients may use `Sync` to ensure ordering
/// between operations.
/// This method does not require any rights.
Sync() -> () error zx.status;