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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.hardware.usb;
using fuchsia.hardware.usb.request;
using zircon.hw.usb;
using zx;
[Layout = "ddk-protocol"]
protocol Usb {
// Initiates a control transfer with the device in the OUT direction.
ControlOut(uint8 request_type, uint8 request, uint16 value, uint16 index, zx.time timeout,
vector<voidptr> write) -> (zx.status status);
// Initiates a control transfer with the device in the IN direction.
ControlIn(uint8 request_type, uint8 request, uint16 value, uint16 index, zx.time timeout)
-> (zx.status status, vector<voidptr> read);
/// Queues a USB request.
RequestQueue(fuchsia.hardware.usb.request.UsbRequest? usb_request,
fuchsia.hardware.usb.request.UsbRequestComplete? complete_cb) -> ();
/// Returns the speed of the device.
GetSpeed() -> (zircon.hw.usb.UsbSpeed s);
/// Selects an alternate setting for a USB interface.
SetInterface(uint8 interface_number, uint8 alt_setting) -> (zx.status s);
/// Returns the currently selected configuration for the device.
GetConfiguration() -> (uint8 configuration);
/// Selects the configuration for the device.
SetConfiguration(uint8 configuration) -> (zx.status s);
/// Enables a USB endpoint, configuring it as specified by the provided descriptors.
EnableEndpoint(zircon.hw.usb.UsbEndpointDescriptor ep_desc,
zircon.hw.usb.UsbSsEpCompDescriptor ss_com_desc,
bool enable) -> (zx.status s);
/// Resets an endpoint that is in a halted or error state.
/// Endpoints will be halted if the device returns a STALL in response to a USB transaction.
/// When that occurs, the transaction will fail with ERR_IO_REFUSED.
/// usb_reset_endpoint() the endpoint to normal running state.
ResetEndpoint(uint8 ep_address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Resets the device and restores the prior configuration.
/// Returns ZX_ERR_BAD_STATE if the device is already being reset.
ResetDevice() -> (zx.status s);
/// Returns the maximum amount of data that can be transferred on an endpoint in a single
/// transaction.
GetMaxTransferSize(uint8 ep_address) -> (usize s);
/// Returns the device ID for the device.
/// This ID is generated by and used internally by the USB HCI controller driver.
GetDeviceId() -> (uint32 dev_id);
/// Returns the device's device descriptor.
GetDeviceDescriptor() -> (zircon.hw.usb.UsbDeviceDescriptor desc);
/// Returns the length of the configuration descriptor for the specified configuration.
GetConfigurationDescriptorLength(uint8 configuration) -> (zx.status s, usize length);
/// Returns the configuration descriptor for the specified configuration.
GetConfigurationDescriptor(uint8 configuration) -> (zx.status s, vector<voidptr> desc);
/// Returns the length of the USB descriptors for the USB device or interface.
GetDescriptorsLength() -> (usize length);
/// returns the USB descriptors for the USB device or interface.
GetDescriptors() -> (vector<voidptr> descs);
/// Fetch the descriptor using the provided descriptor ID and language ID. If
/// the language ID requested is not available, the first entry of the language
/// ID table will be used instead and be provided in the updated version of the
/// parameter.
/// The string will be encoded using UTF-8, and will be truncated to fit the
/// space provided by the buflen parameter. buflen will be updated to indicate
/// the amount of space needed to hold the actual UTF-8 encoded string lenth, and
/// may be larger than the original value passed. Embedded nulls may be present
/// in the string, and the result may not be null terminated if the string
/// occupies the entire provided buffer.
GetStringDescriptor(uint8 desc_id, uint16 lang_id) -> (zx.status s, uint16 lang_id,
vector<voidptr> string);
/// Cancels all transactions currently queued on the specified endpoint.
CancelAll(uint8 ep_address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Returns the current frame (in milliseconds), used for isochronous transfers.
GetCurrentFrame() -> (uint64 frame);
/// Returns the size needed for a |usb_request_t|, including private storage needed by
/// all layers of the USB stack.
GetRequestSize() -> (usize size);