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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.fuzzer;
using zx;
/// Details about an instrumented process.
/// See also:
type ProcessStats = struct {
/// The kernel object identifier of the task.
koid uint64;
/// The total size of mapped memory ranges in this process.
mem_mapped_bytes uint64;
/// Committed memory that is only mapped into this process.
mem_private_bytes uint64;
/// Committed memory that is mapped into this and at least one other process.
mem_shared_bytes uint64;
/// Estimate of how much of |mem_shared_bytes| that this process owns.
mem_scaled_shared_bytes uint64;
/// The total amount of time this process was running on a CPU and not blocked.
cpu_time zx.duration;
// The total amount of time this process was ready but not actually using a CPU.
queue_time zx.duration;
// The total amount of time this process spent handling page faults.
page_fault_time zx.duration;
// The total amount of time this process spent waiting on contended kernel locks.
lock_contention_time zx.duration;
// See |Monitor|. Used to indicate why an update was sent.
type UpdateReason = flexible enum : uint8 {
// Represents an otherwise unspecified update. Useful when integrating other engines as runners,
// e.g. libFuzzer,
MISC = 1;
// A fuzzing action is starting. See, e.g. |Controller.Fuzz|, |Controller.Merge|, etc.
INIT = 2;
// An input produced new feedback.
NEW = 3;
// Periodic status update, configured with |Options.pulse_interval|.
PULSE = 4;
// A shorter input for some particular feedback has been found.
// A fuzzing action is complete.
DONE = 6;
// The maximum number of processes for which stats will be returned via |Status|.
const MAX_PROCESS_STATS uint16 = 256;
/// See |Controller.GetStatus|.
type Status = table {
/// True if the fuzzer is working on a commands, e.g. it is fuzzing.
1: running bool;
/// Number of runs performed so far.
2: runs uint32;
/// Time spent so far.
3: elapsed zx.duration;
/// Number of program edges covered so far.
4: covered_pcs uint64;
/// Number of opaque features encountered so far.
5: covered_features uint64;
/// Number of inputs in the "live" corpus.
6: corpus_num_inputs uint64;
/// Total size of the inputs in the "live" corpus.
7: corpus_total_size uint64;
/// Information about the instrumented processes attached to the engine.
8: process_stats vector<ProcessStats>:MAX_PROCESS_STATS;
/// See |Status|. This protocol is used to push status from the |Controller| to callers.
protocol Monitor {
/// Sends the current status.
Update(struct {
reason UpdateReason;
status Status;
}) -> ();