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0.5.0 - initial release
0.5.9 - signal ABI bugfix, various cleanup and fixes:
sigset_t was wrongly defined as 1024 bytes instead of 1024 bits,
breaking the intended ABI compatibility with the LSB/glibc sigaction
structure. users should upgrade immediately and rebuild any libraries
or object files that might be using the incorrect definitions.
improved security against DoS with tcb shadow passwords by checking
that the file opened was really an ordinary file.
fixed a bug in the implementation of atomic ops that could have
allowed the compiler to incorrectly reorder them (in practice, gcc
with the default settings on i386 was not reordering them).
greatly improved conformance to the C and POSIX standards regarding
what the standard header files make visible. _POSIX_C_SOURCE is now
needed to get POSIX functions in standard C headers, and _XOPEN_SOURCE
or _GNU_SOURCE are required to get XSI interfaces or GNU extensions,
many internal improvements have been made to the syscall-related code
in preparation for porting to x86_64 and other archs.
0.6.0 - x86_64 port, various important bugs fixed
new x86_64 (amd64) architecture port, contributed by Nicholas J. Kain,
along with PORTING guide. source tree layout and build system have
been improved to accommodate further ports.
various bugs that were introduced while making the headers respect C
and POSIX namespace standards have been fixed. conformance to the
standards has been improved.
fixed an inefficiency in qsort that triggered a bug (occasionaly
internal compiler error) in some versions of gcc.
fixed a major bug in the printf %n specifier that prevented it from
working and caused memory corruption.
0.7.0 - major improvements to posix conformance and completeness
implemented posix shared memory and semaphore interfaces.
implemented all remaining required pthread and clock interfaces.
major fixes to signal semantics.
greatly improved temporary file name generation for safety against
denial of service due to intentional name collisions.
added syscall wrappers for the linux inotify interface.
malloc(0) now returns a non-null pointer.
fixed printf %n specifier (again), pthread_once (it was always
hanging), and non-default-type mutex behavior.
added ucontext/sigcontext support in headers to facilitate building
libgcc with dwarf2 unwind support, and possibly other low-level tools.
improved musl-gcc compiler wrapper.
implemented many small missing functions here and there, minor header
fixes, etc.
0.7.1 - improvements to completeness, bug fixes
implemented flockfile, wprintf, and robust mutex functions.
fixed stack corruption bug in times(), minor header bugs, and some
error return value bugs in thread interfaces.
0.7.5 - new features, major optimization, and robustness
implemented POSIX timers.
optimized and simplified many thread-related functions.
eliminated resource leak races in thread cancellation. (almost all
existing implementations, including glibc, have these leaks.)
overhauled stdio implementation to take advantage of readv/writev for
reduced syscall load, and improved stdio's handling of error status.
added syscall header and interface for applications to use and
greatly simplified internal system for making syscalls.
strangthened tmpnam/tempnam/tmpfile filename generation and made the
straight C functions not depend on POSIX symbols.
fixed pthread cancellation ABI on i386 to match the LSB/glibc ABI
better double-free handling in malloc
various minor bug fixes
0.7.6 - major bug fixes
fixed rare but serious under-allocation bug in malloc.
fixed signedness bug in strchr that prevented finding high bytes.
fixed serious parsing bugs in strtold.
fixed statvfs syscall (it was always failing with EINVAL).
fixed race condition in set*id() functions with threads (possible
deadlock). further audit still needed though.
fseek no longer sets the stream error flag on failed seeks (this was
wrong and broke some programs, notably GNU m4).
nl_langinfo is no longer a dummy function. (the functionality was
previously implemented but accidentally left unused).
various small fixes have been made to the implementations and
prototypes for nonstandard and obsolete functions
0.7.7 - more bug fixes and program-compatibility improvements
fixed floating point formatting and rounding bugs in printf.
fixed broken %N$ positional argument specifiers in printf.
fixed misaligned read/overread bug in strchr which could lead to
crashes scanning tiny strings at the end of a page when the next page
is not readable, or on archs (not yet supported) that forbid
misaligned reads.
fixed breakage of statvfs on x86_64
fixed crash in getmntent_r
fixed bug in POSIX timers created with NULL sigevent argument
improved semaphore performance, and sem_wait is now interruptable by
signals, as required by POSIX.
added many compatibility and system-level interfaces, increasing the
proportion of busybox that works with musl.
0.7.8 - more bug fixes and compatibility improvements
fixed problems with ipv6 dns and address printing code that made ipv6
support practically unusable, and some other getaddrinfo bugs.
fixed broken sendmsg/recvmsg functions on x86_64 (caused by incorrect
msghdr structure).
fixed broken sigsetjmp asm on x86_64.
worked around a problem with input buffering on terminals reblocking
after getting a blank line, due to a bug in the linux readv syscall.
various improvements to the "rsyscall" system used to implement
threaded setuid, setgid, etc.
exiting/cancelling the a timer handler thread no longer kills the
fixed incorrect trailing zeros on some %g conversions in printf.
fixed buggy byte-swapping functions and moved them to inlines in
many small improvements to header/application compatibility, support
for nonstandard macros, etc.
0.7.9 release notes
new pthread cancellation implementation:
- safe against resource-leak/side-effect-leak race conditions
- safe against interruption by signal handlers
- reduced bloat in all cancellable functions
- reduced bloat for blocking cancellation
new interfaces implemented:
- realpath (limited functionality)
- wordexp (limited functionality)
- flock (nonstandard)
- forkpty (nonstandard)
- posix_fadvise
- posix_fallocate
general bug fixes:
- syslog function failure to communicate with syslogd
- bug in siginfo_t definition if wait.h was included before signal.h
- incorrect struct definitions for most of sysv ipc
- pthread_exit/cancel on timer handler wrongly destroying the timer
- linux dup2 ebusy workaround
- obscure issues in non-threaded programs using some pthread functions
- getopt_long allowed mismatch in last char of option name
- incorrect parsing of obscure ip address forms
- initgroups not working reliably (uninitialized var)
- shadow pass treating empty expiry field as pass-expired-in-1970
- bogus longjmp if pthread_exit was called from cancellation handlers
x86_64-specific bug fixes:
- fcntl file locking
- thread stack alignment
- broken select timeouts due to incorrect timeval definition
0.7.10 release notes
new features:
- ipv6 numeric string parsing
- eventfd syscall wrappers
- new qsort implementation using the smoothsort algorithm
- much smaller/faster sigset_t handling functions
- lowered spin count before futex wait in synchronization functions
general bug fixes:
- incorrect floating point round-to-even behavior in printf
- major bugs in pthread barrier implementation
- off-by-one error in scanf %n results
- scanf failure to report EOF when scanning for literal text
- minor missing/incorrect prototype issues
- dependency on undefined call order in fclose
compiler issue workarounds:
- incorrect inlining of variadic functions on recent gcc versions
- pcc preprocessor bug with recursive macro expansion
0.7.11 release notes
new features:
- integrated dynamic linker
- dynamic loading (dlopen/dlsym) (for dynamic-linked programs only)
- XSI search.h API
- POSIX message queues
- POSIX spawn interfaces
- BSD pseudo-random number generator API (random/srandom/initstate/etc.)
- floating point environment (limited usefulness due to gcc bugs)
general bug fixes:
- possible crashes with wordexp due to uninitialized variable
- race condition in pthread_kill (also present and unfixed in glibc/nptl)
- pthread exit destructors called too late
- dangerous unbounded vla in glob
- brk/sbrk legacy functions mismatching legacy semantics
- wcsncpy dest buffer overflow
- strncat and wcsncat possible overflows due to double-termination
0.7.12 release notes
new features:
- support for textrels in shared objects
- rpath support in dynamic linker
- stdio_ext.h functions (for better gnu software compatibility)
bug fixes:
- some compilers miscompiling dlopen due to misuse of longjmp
- safe handling of invalid long-double bit patterns (affects printf)
- workaround for bugs in linux mprotect syscall
- thread-safety for random() functions
- various minor issues
0.8.0 release notes
new features:
- chinese and japanese legacy charset support in iconv
- zero-syscall clock_gettime support (dynamic-linked x86_64 only)
- futex-based locking for stdio (previously used spinlocks)
- LD_PRELOAD and RTLD_NEXT support in dynamic linker
- strptime (mostly working but incomplete)
- posix aio (mostly working but not entirely conformant)
- memory streams (fmemopen, open_memstream, ...)
- stub/dummy implementations for various useless legacy functions
- if_nameindex
security hardening:
- setuid, etc. should not longer be able to "partially fail" with threads
- ensure suid programs start with fd 0,1,2 open
- improved openpty/forkpty failure checks
threads/synchronization bug fixes:
- dangerous spurious wakeup in pthread_join lead to early return
- race condition enabling async cancellation (delayed/lost cancellation)
- destruction/unmapping race conditions in semaphores, mutexes, rwlocks
- recursive rwlock_rdlock deadlock when a writer is waiting
- race condition in sigqueue with fork
- timer expiration thread exit wasn't running dtors
- timer threads weren't blocking signals
- close was wrongly cancellable after succeeding on some devices
- robust mutex list was not reset on fork
general bug fixes:
- incorrect logic in fread (spurious blocking; crash on write-only files)
- many corner cases and overflow cases for strtol-family functions
- various printf integer formatting issues with flags/width/precision
- incorrect iconv return value on failure
- broken FD_* macros on 64-bit targets
- clock function returning wrong value (real time not cpu time)
- siglongjmp signal mask clobbering (off-by-one pointer error)
- dynamic linker weak symbol resolution issues
- fdopendir failure to set errno
- various minor header fixes
0.8.1 release notes
bug fixes:
- mismatching prototypes caused build failure on 64-bit
- other minor prototype errors in the headers have been fixed
- various other small omissions fixed
0.8.2 release notes
new features:
- ptrace syscall support
bug fixes:
- const error (only a warning with many compilers) in lio_listio
- minor portability fixes aimed at supporting new arch targets
0.8.3 release notes
new features:
- arm port (experimental)
- better musl-gcc wrapper script for building against musl
- added clone system call
bug fixes:
- numerous header file typos, copy/paste errors, omissions
- statfs and statvfs ABI are now LSB-conformant (and actually work)
0.8.4 release notes
new features:
- arm dynamic linker support
- process-shared pthread barriers now work
- efficient futex-requeue-based cond var broadcast
- more optional cancellation points are now cancellable
- printf accepts null pointers with %s, prints as "(null)"
- recursive mutexes are now fully reentrant
- __cxa_atexit support
- real vfork
- dynamic linker now gold-compatible
- prlimit syscall
- support for large limits with setrlimit/getrlimit (even on 32-bit)
- glob now supports GLOB_PERIOD option (GNU extension)
bug fixes:
- many serious issues in condition variables
- rwlock failure-to-wake deadlock issues
- various small header files bugs/omissions
- wrong failure return for pthread_create
- path handling issues on execvp
- lock count corruption with robust recursive mutexes on owner death
- integer overflows in atoi, etc. reading most-negative value
- spurious mremaps on every realloc of large memory chunks
- pthread cancellation failure in single-threaded programs
- avoid fd_set overflow in dns lookups
0.8.5 release notes
new features:
- stdio operations are now cancellable (only when low-level io happens)
- global ctor/dtor support in main program start code and shared libs
- dynamic linker support for PIE executables (but missing startup code)
- vfork support on x86_64
- complete set of locale_t functions (all ignore the locale argument)
- provide define float_t and double_t in math.h
- lighter/faster cancellation cleanup handler register/unregister
bug fixes:
- gcc wrapper now supports -shared, -nostdlib, -nostartfiles
- removed one wrongly-classified character from iswspace set (zwsp)
- fixed crashes in dns lookup on some errors, e.g. resolv.conf missing
- "make install" no longer tries to build shared libc if disabled
- ptrace argument handling bugs fixed
- work around visibility-hidden bugs in gcc 3.x
- fix thread-pointer-loss issue when it's initialized in signal handlers
- various minor typo/misc fixes in headers
- glob behaves more like traditional implementations w.r.t. GLOB_MARK
- added legacy futimes, lutimes functions
- more compatibility macros in sys/param.h (nonstandard header)
- setfs[ug]id syscall wrappers (linux specific)
- fgetpwent function (nonstandard)
- utmp.h matches traditional version more closely
- caddr_t now matches glibc type (void * instead of long)
- dummy (always-fail) dlopen and dlsym functions for static linked programs
- [efg]cvt functions (previously posix, removed from standard)
- get_current_dir_name function (nonstandard)
0.8.6 release notes
bug fixes:
- fix crash in dns lookups for all static-linked, non-threaded programs
0.8.7 release notes
new features:
- c++ support with g++'s libstdc++
- c99 math library (float, long double, complex, etc.)
- numerous wchar_t functions
- a64l, l64a functions
- getdate function
- c89 compatibility in math.h
- syscall.h alias for sys/syscall.h
- memory.h alias for string.h
- getcwd supports null buffer argument (auto-allocation)
bug fixes:
- major fenv (floating point environment) fixes and optimizations
- strptime mishandling of day/month names
- strtoull wrongly rejecting the highest 16 possible values as overflow
- math.h constant expression fixes for INFINITY/NAN/etc.
- scanf mishandling of "0" with "%x"
0.8.8 release notes
new feature:
- major math correctness and performance improvements
- many math functions implemented in asm for i386
- some math functions (mostly long double) in asm for x86_64
- new floating point parser/converter with correct rounding
- implement wcstod, wcstof, and wcstold
- new scanf implementation - cleaner, faster, more correct
- minimal/incomplete strfmon implementation
- header fixes for c++
- regex code resync with TRE; support common regex extensions
- support for compiling apps with gcc's -funsigned-char
- sysconf now returns dynamic limits for open files, processes
- give dlerror proper error status stickiness
- make alloca work even with -fno-builtin
critical security fixes:
- stack-based buffer overflow in fprintf on unbuffered files
other bug fixes:
- rare gcc register allocation (miscompilation) bug in syscall wrappers
- printf was rejecting the valid (but redundant) %lf format specifier
- fixed big data bloat (missing const) in math functions
- many math fixes related to floating point exceptions and rounding
- corrected DECIMAL_DIG definitions
- tgammal was wrongly setting global signgam
- crash in wordfree with uninitialized we_offs
- fix wordexp not null-initializing the we_offs initial slots
0.8.9 release notes
bug fixes:
- major breakage in strtol and family: failure to accept leading spaces
- incorrect name for MATH_ERREXCEPT in math.h
- prototypes for a few additional nonstandard functions
0.8.10 release notes
new features:
- correct over/underflow detection (ERANGE setting) for strtod
- new musl-gcc wrapper, specfile based, faster and more robust
- meaningful return strings for dlerror
- new iswalpha, iswpunct, and wcwidth; sync'd to Unicode 6.1
- towupper/towlower sync'd with Unicode 6.1
- new futex-based libc-internal locks instead of spinlocks
- experimental stack protector support (minimal; no random canary)
- experimental gdb shared library tracking support
- getusershell family functions
- getresuid and getresgid syscall wrappers
- byte swapping macros in endian.h
- getdtablesize was wrongly declared in unistd.h for _XOPEN_SOURCE
bug fixes:
- iconv_open wrongly rejecting most dest charsets (broken in 0.8.0)
- sysconf failure when correct value is -1 (broken in 0.8.8)
- scanf and strtod family functions overreading past NAN (4 bytes vs 3)
- scanf and strtod wrongly treating "0.00000000001", etc. as 0
- many bugs in towupper/towlower (never seriously tested before)
- int8_t definition was wrong when gcc -funsigned-char was used
0.9.0 release notes
license change: MIT
new features:
- configure script, improved build system
- full stack protector support
- PIE support on x86 and x86_64
- new O(1) space, O(nm) time implementation of fnmatch
- improved support for sse2 floating point mode on x86
- added linux unshare syscall
- exp10/pow10 function
- sqrtl support on arm (previously missing)
- removed minimal linux/*.h headers that could conflict with real ones
- support for _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE (mapped to standard fcns with #define)
- better c89 compatibility in headers
- stub versions of sched_* functions (previously missing)
- pthread stacks no longer executable (compat with hardened kernels)
- new ar.h and lastlog.h (legacy junk)
- various other header improvements
- additional x86_64 math asm
- better formula for acos use in i386 asm
bug fixes:
- large (up to a few %) errors in strtod for certain values due to bug
- mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs were completely broken (bad exit logic)
- wide printf %.0s could fail due to uninitialized variable
- missing dlerror strings for dlsym in some cases
0.9.1 release notes
new features:
- dynamic linker can be used as a program to explicitly load/run executables
- ldd command, usable by making a symlink to the dynamic linker named ldd
bug fixes:
- major bugs in POSIX BRE parsing inherited from TRE regex code
- character matching bug in regex on ARM: WCHAR_MAX was assumed to be signed
- various obscure fixes related to signals and pthread cancellation
- remquot subnormal remainder bug
- buggy macros in (nonstandard) sys/param.h
- major bug in pthread barriers on x86_64 (out of bounds write)
- utimes (legacy) function was making wrong syscall (utime instead of utimes)
- avoid using "old" syscalls that don't exist on arm eabi linux
- broken strrchr(str, 0)
- broken mbsinit(0)
- broken wcsncmp
- syntax error in nextafter macro in tgmath.h
- missing support for -pie in musl-gcc wrapper
- abort could wrongly fail to terminate the program in some cases
- increase default thread stack size to 80k
- support _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro
- support _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE feature test macro (merely exposes alt names)
- lots of legacy-compatibility improvements in headers
- various minor GNU extension functions
- sysconf reporting number of available CPUs/cores
- various LSB/glibc ABI interfaces aimed at compatibility with some binaries
- use fistpll asm mnemonic instead of fistpq for compat with clang
0.9.2 release notes
bug fixes:
- pointer overflow in printf (crash on 32bit userspace, 64bit kernel)
- printf %ls over-read bug
- strtod failure to read -0x as negative zero
- flush stdio after dtors, not before
- wrong file position for buffered input streams on exit
- popen was broken when stdin/out were already closed
- broken wcwidth tables (missing many characters)
- fwrite: wrong return value of partial/failed write
- broken utf-16 conversions
- bad buffer length check in getlogin_r
- bad perror("") behavior; did not match perror(0)
- broken sysinfo syscall/structure
- stdint.h const macro signedness bugs
- broken include guards in some headers
- bogus localeconv values
- cancellation-safety for popen and pclose
- fma corner cases wrong on i386
- fcntl F_GETOWN errno missing on failure.
- char signedness bug in dynamic linker broke dlopen on arm
- mprotect failure in dynamic linker caused crash instead of error
build system:
- configure check to work around hacked-up gcc versions
- test for old binutils that can't support musl dynamic linker
- syscall wrapper for lots of nonstandard and/or legacy linux syscalls
- versionsort stub
- timegm function (inverse of gmtime)
- various minor header tweaks
- make __freading/__fwriting semantics match traditional ones
- added gnulib-compatibility stdio interfaces
- added pthread_attr_setstack interface
- make strerror_r return partial string when buffer is too small
- duplocale should accept LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE
- align ptsname_r to upcoming posix requirements
- support invalid ld80 bit patterns as extra nans.
0.9.3 release notes
new features:
- mips (32-bit, o32 abi) port, currently static-linked only
- newly overhauled crypt implementation
- improved library pathname info for debugger from the dynamic linker
- getaddrinfo (and getservbyname) now support /etc/services lookups
- pipe2 syscall wrapper
- splice and vmsplice syscall wrappers
- syscall wrappers for extended attribute interfaces
- ioperm/iopl syscall wrappers on archs that support these operations
bug fixes:
- dlsym RTLD_NEXT library search order was wrong
- multiple dlopen pathname and library name handling errors
- potential race condition in detached thread exit
- broken internal-lock-handling code not updated for futex-based __lock
- sem_trywait spurious EAGAIN errors arising from CAS failures
- workaround kernel bug in cmsghdr size_t vs socklen_t issue (64-bit)
- getservby* crash on null protocol argument
- logic error skipping failed interfaces in if_nameindex
- various minor header/declaration related issues
arm-specific bug fixes:
- broken crti/crtn startup code when gcc crtbegin/end files are linked
- sigsetjmp tail call optimization failure broke the function
- incorrect little-endian assumptions in atomic.h functions
- use of blx instruction in asm (not supported on pre-v5 arm)
build system:
- only use expensive -ffloat-store cflag on archs/compilers that need it
- make musl-gcc wrapper support -lgcc (mainly for self-hosting)
0.9.4 release notes
new features:
- blowfish crypt
- dynamic linking on mips
- arm hard float support
- BSD fgetln function in stdio
- minor header improvements for compatibility
- support for CROSS_COMPILE variable to configure
- legacy significand function
- better support for SUSv3-targeted programs
- assembly (string ops based) memcpy for i386 and x86_64
- reduce printf overhead
bug fixes:
- failure of strtod, etc. to process extremely long strings correctly
- read overrun in wcsstr for short needles
- various major mips issues that prevented most software from working
- erroneous floating point exception behavior in i386/x86_64 exp asm
- crashes on null arguments to legacy err.h functions
- various header file/type issues
- extremely rare/obscure race condition with robust mutexes
- crypt now never returns null (most programs don't check, then crash)
- missing xattr remove functions
0.9.5 release notes
compatibility and headers:
- POSIX+XSI+BSD features enabled by default with no macros defined
- most programs can now be built without adding -D_GNU_SOURCE
- added C99 restrict keyword where required in all prototypes
- greater C89 compatibility
- cleaner, more-compatible public syscall.h
- many other header fixes
- support for compiling musl with clang/llvm
new features:
- sha 256/512 password hash functions in crypt
- GNU hash support in dynamic linker
- partial C11 coverage
- dladdr function added
- dynamic linker reports all errors instead of exiting on first error
- syscall wrappers added for most remaining linux syscalls
- provide POSIX O_SEARCH open mode using linux O_PATH
bug fixes:
- most atexit functions were being skipped when exiting
- some BSD functions were not being exposed under _BSD_SOURCE
- issues loading ssp-protected DSO into non-ssp program with dlopen
- eliminate .eh_frame (10-15% loaded size bloat)
- optimal inline syscall asm for ARM and MIPS
- no longer force -O3 for shared libs
0.9.6 release notes
bug fixes:
- serious breakage in definition of O_ACCMODE mask (missing a bit)
new features:
- O_EXEC open mode
- md5 crypt hash function
0.9.7 release notes
new features:
- thread-local storage (__thread/_Thread_local)
- microblaze port
- getopt option parsing reset support
- vsyscall (sysenter, etc.) support on i386 (faster syscalls)
- memmem function (GNU extension)
- mips fenv support
- accept "nan(n-char-sequence)" in strtod/scanf family functions
- configure now supports compiling with pcc
quality and correctness improvements:
- close-on-exec flag for all library-internal file descriptors
- cancellation-safety and corner-case overhaul in shm_open/sem_open
- close EINTR vs EINPROGRESS issue
- mark binaries as not requiring executable stack
- better gdb compatibility in dynamic linker
- support recursive dlopen (dlopen called from constructors)
- posix_spawn/system/popen no longer momentarily double commit charge
- all stdio functions wait for locks
bug fixes:
- broken sysvipc *ctl functions on 64-bit archs
- broken shmdt on some archs
- getaddrinfo failure with port "0"
- dirname handling of trailing slash
- vfork race in posix_spawn
0.9.8 release notes
new features:
- powerpc port
- dl_iterate_phdr interface
- added mips-specific syscalls
- thread priority scheduling
- C11 CMPLX macro in complex.h
- x86 port io functions in sys/io.h
- improved headers for trace/debugging/machine-access
- stub functions for unsupported thread-related functionality
bug fixes:
- numerous math bugs (mostly exception flags and excess-precision issues)
- register clobber error in i386 vsyscall asm (did not affect most callers)
- various incorrect definitions in mips headers
- broken dlsym asm on mips
- empty prefix handling in configure script (--prefix="")
- ldso search path logic issues
- lock handling for stdio memory streams at exit time
- invalid SO_REUSEPORT definition in socket.h (not supported by Linux)
- broken redirection attempt to /dev/null in configure script
0.9.9 release notes
new features:
- tgamma implementation (no longer lgamma wrapper with low precision)
- various gnu extensions: sigandset, sigorset, etc.
- futimesat function (obsolete)
- various linux syscalls: arch_prctl, personality, etc.
- hyperbolic, inverse hyperbolic, and inverse trig, bessel functions
- is* comparison macros in math.h now expand inline properly
library bugs fixed:
- calling getenv from shared library ctors was broken
- invalid read in mmap-serviced aligned_alloc/memalign (possible crash)
- wrong errno result in fallback path of pipe2
- various math functions raising spurious exceptions
- mmap errno value on invalid offsets
- backwards alignment logic in strlcpy
- integer overflows in bessel functions
- large (up to 60ulp) error in erfcf
- dlsym/dlclose crashing on invalid library handles
- failure to handle arch variations for cloexec/nonblock flags
- lio_listio wrong return value for LIO_WAIT mode
- dladdr failure to resolve PLT addresses
- time_t/struct tm conversion off-by-one-day in december
- malloc corruption on nonstandard kernels with non-page-aligned brk
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- arm ctors/dtors were not working with recent gcc versions
- arm and mips setjmp/longjmp wrongly saved/restored fenv state
- loss of precision in i386/x86_64 expl
header bugs fixed:
- incorrect PRI/SCN macros in inttypes.h for some types
- arm sys/user.h regressions
- failure of offsetof() to be an integer constant expression
- tgmath return value type problems
header compatibility improvements:
- _GNU_SOURCE now enables everything; _ALL_SOURCE also works
- scsi/scsi.h and scsi/sg.h are now provided
- additional MAP_* flags for mmap
- additional F_* commands and flags for fcntl
- additional socket option, IPPROTO_* values, and multicase macros
- thread-related waitpid flags
- EHWPOISON added to errno.h
- additional macros for mount, swap, and reboot operations
- expose additional link.h structures
- always ensure sizeof(NULL)==sizeof(void *), even in c++
- additional flags for poll, epoll, inotify, timerfd, timex, dlfcn
- register names in signal.h/ucontext.h for x86
- ipc.h ipc_perm nonstandard struct field name compatibility improve
0.9.10 release notes
new features:
- getifaddrs
- pthread_getattr_np (widely used by garbage collectors)
- mkostemps, mkostemp, mkstemps functions (mkostemp is future-POSIX)
- strcasestr and strverscmp (previously stubs)
- major performance improvements in mbtowc
- avoid filling caller-provided thread stacks with large TLS
- debloat unnecessary static buffers
- robust posix_spawn based on CLONE_VM instead of vfork
- new system() and popen() based on posix_spawn
- better strerror strings
- further emulation of atomic close-on-exec/nonblock options for old kernels
- provide macro constants for new-ish kernel features
- several nonstandard but widely-available pwd/grp/shadow functions
- program_invocation_[short_]name
- re-added useconds_t type used by some programs
- some legacy arpa headers
- dn_skipname function (legacy resolver API)
- additional ABI aliases for supporting glibc-linked libraries/binaries
general bugs fixed:
- stale locks and bogus munmap call when pthread_create fails
- uninitialized argument to munmap when dynlink load_library fails
- incorrect error returns in gethostby*_r
- memory leak in gethostbyname family
- blank ai_canonname in getaddrinfo for non-CNAME records
- undefined HZ macro in scsi/sg.h
- wrong return value for wmemmove on forward-copy
- namespace conformance in strings.h
- various utmp.h bugs
- unnecessary DT_SONAME in caused problems on some systems
- multiple bugs in syslog, some possibly dangerous
- non-functional setpriority function
- slight mishandling of 0xf5 byte in UTF-8 decoder
- misaligned memory accesses in mbsrtowcs
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- crash in shared library loading on arm
- missing __aeabi_atexit needed by arm eabi
- wrong float_t definition on x86_64
- various low-impact type size/alignment mismatches in some headers
- epoll struct alignment wrong on non-x86[_64] archs
- broken pipe2 fallback code on mips with old kernels
0.9.11 release notes
new features:
- %m allocation modifier for scanf
- week number and ISO week-based-year functionality in strftime
- per-process and per-thread cputime clocks
- ethernet address conversion interfaces
- legacy classful ipv4 network address interfaces
- minimal dlinfo function (nonstandard)
other improvements:
- dynamic linker path file can now use newlines to separate paths
- math optimizations for archs with extended precision (i386)
- musl-gcc wrapper now exposes gcc's intrinsic headers
- quality of rand and rand_r pseudo-random sequences
- support for large device minor numbers (greater than 8 bits)
- various header conformance and compatibility fixes
directly user-visible bugs fixed:
- scanf losing characters on unbuffered streams and fmemopen streams
- failure of mbsrtowcs to record stop position when dest is full
- failure of iconv to convert to legacy codepages
- non-working pthread_[sg]etschedparam functions (wrong syscall arguments)
other potentially-serious bugs fixed:
- resource leaks in sem_open
- various bugs in thread exit synchronization
- invalid access in aio notification after aiocb free/reuse
- synchronization in dynamic linker when new thread dlopens during ctors
- lack of error handling for failure to read dynamic linker path file
- creation by mmap or shmget of objects larger than PTRDIFF_MAX
minor conformance bugs fixed:
- overflow handling for the clock function
- workaround for incorrect exceptions in fma due to compiler bugs
- workaround wrong kernel type for sem_nsems field in struct semid_ds
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- x86_64 sigsetjmp clobbered the signal mask rather than saving it
- misaligned stack when calling ctors/dtors (crashing on x86_64)
0.9.12 release notes
new features:
- zoneinfo time zone support
- PIE support on all supported archs
- named sub-archs for endian and float ABI variants
- improved support for non-root installs of the dynamic linker
- ability to selectively build only performance-critical modules with -O3
- simple buffer overflow detection in free/realloc
- inet_ntop now presents v4-mapped addresses in ::ffff:a.b.c.d form
- ldd now reports libc and the dynamic linker in its output
- support for new init/fini array (needed for ctors/dtors on newer gcc)
- C++ ABI fully matches glibc/LSB, at least on x86
- many added ABI compatibility symbols for using glibc-linked libs
- support for STB_GNU_UNIQUE symbol bindings (found in some C++ libs)
- macros/types for new Linux kernel features in headers
bugs fixed:
- crashes in scanf on literal mismatches (regression from adding %m)
- dl_iterate_phdr was passing invalid phdr pointers to its callback
- getaddrinfo with null host and AF_UNSPEC was failing to report IPv6
- integer overflows in date/time conversion code
- misinterpretation of pre-1930s dates as post-2038 on 32-bit archs
- make install failed to install bits headers if make was not run first
- shm_open was wrongly cancellable
- low- or no-impact heap corruption in memalign
- explicitly running the dynamic linker on PIE programs did not work
- missing macros and sysconf for some supported POSIX option groups
- missing close-on-exec flags for several internal fd uses
arch-specific bugs:
- wrong SIG_ATOMIC_MIN/MAX macros on x86_64
- erfcl was missing on archs where long double is same as double
- broken dynamic-model TLS in static-linked arm/mips/powerpc programs
0.9.13 release notes
new features:
- iconv support for EUC-KR and Big5 (including HKSCS) encodings
- field widths (POSIX 2008 feature) in strftime
- recursive rpath and $ORIGIN support in dynamic linker
- cpu affinity interfaces
- support for armhf (hardfloat) floating point environment (fenv)
- support for SSE fenv on i386 (for apps using -mfpmath=sse -msse2)
- strftime %s format (seconds since the epoch, future POSIX requirement)
- configure script now saves its command line as a comment in config.mak
- legacy functions valloc and euidaccess
- optimized asm memcpy for arm
- optimized asm memset for i386 and x86_64
- optimized C versions of memcpy and memset for all archs
- eliminated major spurious syscalls from posix_spawn
- some math asm for armhf (hardfloat)
workarounds for:
- qemu-user's rt_sigaction syscall does not allow old to alias new
- qemu-user's madvise always succeeds (broke pthread_getattr_np)
- passing PT_INTERP to dlopen attempted to double-load libc
- gcc 4.8.x generating self-referential (infinite recursion) memcpy/memset
- linux's lack of support for fchdir, fchmod, fchown, fstat on O_PATH fds
bugs fixed:
- failure to honor flags for fchmodat and faccessat (linux syscall api flaws)
- SIGEV_THREAD timer id corruption and race condition issues
- timer thread TLS incorrectly keeping values from previous expiry run
- ecvt/fcvt decimal position off-by-one
- in symbol-versioned libs, symbol resolved to oldest instead of newest
- posix_spawn not correctly reporting errno from exec failure
- "make install" was not atomic (overwrote files rather than replacing)
- integer overflows in strftime
- unset/empty TZ variable was mishandled
- strftime could crash if the struct tm did not have valid tm_zone field
- failure of fenv functions to handle invalid arguments (required by ISO C)
- failure of some math functions (C and i386 asm) to raise underflow flag
- broken dn_expand function (previously not used internally)
- race conditions with signals during fork
- incorrect access check in mktemp (obsolete function)
- unnecessary arbitrary limits on size of program headers in dynamic loader
- text formatting bugs in output of err.h functions
arch-specific bugs:
- fesetenv(FE_DFL_ENV) crashed on i386
- breakage of arm crt code when libc is compiled as thumb
- arm/armhf (hardfloat) misidentified by configure
- ambiguity of wait (exit status) macros on mips with signal number 127
- wrong value of _NSIG and SIGRTMAX on mips
0.9.14 release notes
bugs fixed:
- failure to properly install dynamic linker with DESTDIR set (symlink wrong)
- rare deadlock in libc-internal locking routines
- dynamic linker used fallback paths wrongly on (possibly transient) errors
- popen broken when stdin or stdout was already closed in parent
- deadlock/memory-corruption in multithreaded set*id and setrlimit functions
- realpath failed when file was not readable
- readpath mistakenly had cancellation points in it
- crashes in scanf with invalid %m conversion specifiers
- misclassificiation of some invalid ld80 float representation in fpclassify
- various overflow and underflow flag issues in math functions
- domain handling errors for acoshf and acoshl
- wrong values for some sysconf properties
- lack of proper memory barriers on arm
mips-specific bugs:
- broken sysv ipc structures
- multiple stack-related bugs in clone, leading to crashes in parent or child
- overflow writing sigset_t in multithreaded set*id and setrlimit functions
other improvements:
- size and performance improvements to various math functions
- wait.h as a compatibility alias for sys/wait.h
- various header improvements
- support for runtime-variable page size on archs that need it (mainly mips)
0.9.15 release notes
new features:
- support for mixing IPv4 and v6 nameserver addresses in resolv.conf
- RFC 3678 multicast structures/macros in netinet/in.h
- putspent and fgetspent functions (shadow password API)
- timef function (obsolete, removed in POSIX 2008)
- fanotify syscalls (Linux-specific feature)
- semtimedop syscall (Linux-specific sysvipc extension)
- quotactl syscall and header (filesystem quotas support)
- drem and finite functions (obsolete BSD functions)
- getloadavg function (non-standard)
- herror function (non-standard and obsolete)
- now stores and prints its version information
- expose constants for new Linux features including O_TMPFILE
- implement FNM_LEADING_DIR option to fnmatch (GNU extension)
- posix_close function (accepted for inclusion in next POSIX issue)
bugs fixed:
- buffer overflow in mbsrtowcs
- clobbering of gr_name in getgrnam_r and getgrgid_r
- execle ignoring the environment argument
- setenv crash on malloc failure
- out-of-bounds access in fnmatch with FNM_PATHNAME and certain patterns
- failure of malloc to set errno when failing to extend heap
- incorrect errno value from getcwd with zero size
- spurious failure in faccessat with AT_EACCESS flag with suid/sgid programs
- several fd leaks due to missing close-on-exec flag
- misspellings/typos in macro names in several headers
- incorrect failure return value in inet_pton
- various numeric ip address parsing and validation fixes
- namespace conformance issues in several headers
- minor header issues
- zombie processes left by faccessat with AT_EACCESS
- timezone file parser failing/crashing on 64-bit archs
- hang in localtime with near-overflowing time_t values on 64-bit archs
- timezone path search was only trying first path
- incorrect handling of excessive-length TZ environment strings
- timezone file loading was wrongly enforcing O_NOFOLLOW/rejecting symlinks
- iswspace was wrongly returning true for the null character
- various bugs in wordexp
- putgrent could write corrupt lines after write failures
- dn_expand misinterpreted in-packet offsets greater than 255
- spurious strftime/wcsftime failure on len+1==bufsize case
- incorrect underflow flag in fma corner cases
- log*(0) wrongly returned +inf in downward-rounding mode
- failure of fchmod, fstat, fchdir, and fchown to produce EBADF
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- i386: failure of fesetround to set sse rounding mode
- i386: floating point limit constants misinterpreted due to excess precision
- powerpc: broken thread pointer access when compiled with clang
- microblaze: dynamic linker entry point code possibly clobbering argv
strict conformance issues:
- NULL definition re-aligned with POSIX (requires (void *) cast)
- alignment of math.h is* comparison functions with C11 annex F requirements
1.0.0 release notes
new features:
- support for mips softfloat ABI variant
- legacy setkey and encrypt API for DES
- support for BSD version of struct tcphdr in addition to GNU version
- added ipv6 and icmpv6 protocol lookups to getprotoent-family functions
new experimental ports:
- sh (SuperH)
- x32 (ILP32 ABI for x86_64)
- improved c89 compiler support in math.h
- eliminate some compiler warnings in public headers
- added some missing things for LFS64 APIs
- added fallback emulation of accept4 for older kernels
bugs fixed:
- buffer overflow in printf when printing smallest denormal exactly
- rounding errors in printf in some just-over-halfway cases
- posix_spawn did not accept null pid pointer (crashed)
- ftello gave incorrect result for unflushed append-mode streams
- mishandling of n=0 case in wcsxfrm (wild buffer overrun)
- possible system breakage during libc upgrade due to bugs
- nftw FTW_MOUNT flag prevented walking any directories at all
- ptsname/ptsname_r returned negated error codes
- getprotoent function returned junk after listing valid protocols
- wrong error code from readdir when the directory has been deleted
- various prototype/argument-type fixes, mostly to legacy functions
- various header namespace violations
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- fesetenv(FE_DFL_ENV) was broken on i386 and x86_64
- strerror(EDQUOT) did not work on mips
- recvmsg/sendmsg were broken on powerpc
- sysv ipc was broken on powerpc and mips
- statfs/statvfs were broken on mips
- sigaltstack was broken on mips
1.1.0 release notes
new features:
- relro memory protection in dynamic linker
- malloc can now extend heap with mmap if brk fails
- vdso clock_gettime/gettimeofday/time acceleration on x86_64
- thread/library-safe versions of search.h functions (nonstandard)
- getauxval function (nonstandard)
- sysconf extensions to query physical memory size
bugs fixed:
- floating point printf output corruption from carry into uninitialized slot
- possible runaway carry overflow in printf floating point
- printf %g failure to strip trailing zeros in some cases
- search past end of haystack in memmem
- off-by-one error in confstr return value
- crashes in some near-empty static programs that use stack protector
- deadlock race in pthread_once
- non-working clock_gettime fallback for old kernels
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- crash from missing syscall asm register clobbers on real microblaze kernel
- crash in all nontrivial dynamic linker use on microblaze
- incorrect rlimit constants on mips
- broken, possibly dangerous, use of getrlimit syscall on x32 in sysconf
1.1.1 release notes
new features:
- new options --preload and --library-path to dynamic linker
- public execvpe function (nonstandard extension)
- iconv support for cp437 and cp850
bugs fixed:
- false negatives with some periodic needles in strstr, wcsstr, and memmem
- crash on invalid zoneinfo files
- incorrect zero-padding of some outputs for strftime %s specifier
- misreporting of errors in configure script when $CC does not work at all
- treating not-yet-implemented strptime specifiers as errors
- configure now detects serious constant-folding bug in gcc 4.9.0
- removed __yield symbol (unused) that clashed with some compilers
- improvements to sysconf's handling of unsupported/invalid arguments
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- misdetection of superh ABI variant by configure on gcc 3.x
- missing SO_RCVBUFFORCE and SO_SNDBUFFORCE in mips socket.h
- build regression on armv6 and later with -mthumb
1.1.2 release notes
new features:
- multi-protocol matches (tcp and udp) in getaddrinfo
- support for AI_V4MAPPED and AI_ALL flags to getaddrinfo
- reverse name lookups from /etc/hosts
- reverse service lookups from /etc/services
- support for service aliases in /etc/services
- ipsec and tunneling protocols to getprotoent-family functions
- res_send, res_mkquery, res_querydomain, and dn_comp functions
- ipv6 scope id handling for link-local scope addresses
- previously-unimplemented %C and %y in strptime now work
- vdso clock_gettime acceleration on i386 (new kernel feature)
- better O_CLOEXEC/SOCK_CLOEXEC fallbacks for old kernels
bugs fixed:
- buffer overflow in dns response parsing (CVE-2014-3484)
- possible infinite loop in dns response parsing
- sendfile off_t 32/64-bit size mismatch
- incorrect end pointer in some cases when wcsrtombs stops early
- incorrect if_nametoindex return value when interface does not exist
- dummy "ent" function aliases that possibly shadowed real ones
- tmpfile fd leak on memory exhaustion
- getaddrinfo returning EAI_NONAME for some transient failures
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- broken kernel side RLIM_INFINITY on mips
- incorrect syscall argument 6/7 types for pselect on x32
1.1.3 release notes
new features:
- address sorting in getaddrinfo, etc. modeled on rfc 3484/6724
- default timezone taken from /etc/localtime when $TZ is unset
- getopt double-colon extension for optional arguments
- support for TLSDESC-based (gnu2) TLS dialect on i386 and x86_64
- sendmmsg/recvmmsg (linux-specific)
- fmtmsg (last mandatory XSI function that was missing)
- treat dns rcode=2 as temporary failure, not negative result
- working thread-pointer for pre-2.6 kernels on i386
- further ABI-compat symbols: __xmknod[at], __sysv_signal
bugs fixed:
- memmem false positives/false negatives/crashes from invalid logic
- gethostby*_r not setting result pointer to null on failure
- aliasing violations in syscall.h SYSLOG_NAMES feature
- fanotify_mark syscall arguments wrong
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- various subtle relocation bugs in powerpc and sh dynamic linker
1.1.4 release notes
new features:
- experimental locale support for LC_MESSAGES and LC_TIME
- non-stub gettext family functions for message translation
- or1k (OpenRISC 1000) port
- syslog options LOG_CONS and LOG_PERROR
- issetugid function (from OpenBSD)
- improved if_nameindex and getifaddrs functions
- work around bug #61144 in gcc 4.9.0 and 4.9.1
- support getauxval(AT_SECURE) even on kernels without AT_SECURE
bugs fixed:
- empty dynamic linker error messages (regression in 1.1.3)
- if_nameindex omitted unconfigured and ipv6-only interfaces
- incorrect return value for fwide function
- failure of wide printf/scanf functions to set wide orientation
- multiple issues in legacy function getpass
- dynamic linker did not accept colon as a separator for LD_PRELOAD
- errno clobber in syslog caused wrong output for %m specifier
- crash in regexec for nonzero nmatch argument with REG_NOSUB
- minor bugs in rarely-used nl_langinfo item lookups
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- broken relocations in mips dynamic linker (regression in 1.1.3)
- register state corruption in setjmp asm for microblaze
- broken struct stat st_ino field on microblaze
- broken struct stat st_dev field on big endian mips
- broken asm register constraints in atomics on powerpc
- missing barriers in atomics on mips, powerpc, microblaze, and sh
1.1.5 release notes
new features:
- full C11 coverage (threads, UTF-16/32 API, timespec_get, etc.)
- malloc_usable_size function (nonstandard)
- support for new F_OFD_* fcntl operations (linux 3.15, POSIX-future)
- new _DEFAULT_SOURCE feature test macro to request default profile
- private-futex support
- redesigned cond var implementation with major performance improvement
- tweaked spinning in userspace before performing futex waits
bugs fixed:
- failure of dn_expand to null-terminate name for crafted DNS packets
- corruption of cond var mutex state when switching mutexes
- use of uninitialized memory with application-provided thread stacks
- false ownership of orphaned mutexes due to tid reuse
- possible failure-to-wake for robust mutexes on owner death
- subtle errors in robust mutex unrecoverable status handling
- missing memory/compiler barrier spinning to obtain locks
- wrong behavior in various zero-length stdio operations
- buffer overflow in swab with odd argument
- incorrect sequence generation in the rand48 family of prng functions
- missing cancellation check in non-wait paths of sem_wait, pthread_join
- missing barrier in pthread_once fast path
- memory leak in regexec when input contains illegal sequence
- various parser bugs in regcomp
- wrong return value on overflow in some strtoul-family functions
- broken CPU_EQUAL macro in sched.h
- dlerror not working in static-linked programs
- mishandling of negative non-whole-hour TZ offsets
- incorrect case mappings for U+00DF
- namespace pollution via accidentally-non-static function named "dummy"
- missing __fpclassifyl and __signbitl definitions for ld64 archs
1.1.6 release notes
new features:
- getopt '-' flag for processing non-option arguments
- getopt_long argument permutation extension
- getopt_long abbreviated options
- ns_parserr and related DNS-packet-parsing functions
- fnmatch FNM_CASEFOLD extension
- support for translation of getopt error messages
- login_tty function (legacy)
- efficient atomics on armv7+ targets
- pthread_once shrink-wrapping of fast path
- baseline arm binaries now work on new cpus/kernels without kuser_helper
- dynamic linker now honors DT_RUNPATH without DT_RPATH (new binutils)
- arm asm is now compatible with clang's internal assembler
- suppress macro implementations of functions when headers are used in C++
- increased message length limit for syslog
bugs fixed:
- open ignored file creation mode argument for O_TMPFILE
- wrong printf formatting for %#.0o with value zero
- missing private state for uchar.h functions (null ps pointer)
- sched_getaffinity left uninitialized data in output bit array
- wrong return values for pthread_getaffinity_np and pthread_setaffinity_np
- buggy handling of multibyte option chars with arguments in getopt
- printf failed to report or stop on write errors
- printf failed to honor '+' modifier when printing NANs
- wcsnrtombs returned the wrong value in one code path
- syslog failed to check for connect error
- multi-threaded set*id() had spurious failures from ugly workaround code
- various minor header conformance bugs (signedness, constant expressions, ...)
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- on or1k, some syscalls with 64-bit arguments were broken (misaligned)
- usage of sahf instruction on x86_64 crashed on some early cpu models
1.1.7 release notes
new features:
- alternate passwd/group backend support via nscd protocol
- masked cancellation mode extension (experimental)
- aio cancellation
- aarch64 port (experimental)
- significant memset asm optimizations on i386 and x86_64
- suppress EINTR in semaphores for old kernels where futex restart is broken
- always set optarg in getopt_long
- support SOCK_RAW socket type in getaddrinfo
- report success instead of EINPROGRESS when close is interrupted
bugs fixed:
- multithreaded set*id() was not async-signal safe, had various race bugs
- getspnam_r returned results for partial username matches
- wordexp bad character checker mis-counted parentheses
- close on fd with pending aio could lead to file corruption
- old aio implementation had numerous conformance bugs
- malloc init code could deadlock due to race condition
- pthread_exit did not disable cancellation
- pthread_cond_wait could wrongly consume signal on cancellation
- execvp wrongly stopped path search on EACCESS
- fsync, fdatasync, and msync were not honored as cancellation points
- fchmodat was subject to fd leak race (missing O_CLOEXEC)
- fchmodat failed to report EOPNOTSUPP in race path
- passwd/group lookup functions had various minor error-reporting bugs
- isatty had false-positives/device-state-corruption for OSS sound devices
- configure script failed to detect gcc with translated messages
- FLT_ROUNDS macro failed to reflect rounding mode changes in fenv
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- mips fesetenv did not handle FE_DFL_ENV
- mips POLLWRNORM and POLLWRBAND macros had wrong values
- x32 pthread synchronization object type definitions were wrong
- powerpc minimum signal stack size was insufficient
1.1.8 release notes
bugs fixed:
- stack-based buffer overflow in inet_pton (CVE-2015-1817)
- regcomp crash/mem-corruption with illegal bytes after backslash
- regcomp wrongly allowed backrefs in ER
- regcomp miscompiled character class brace-repetitions
- regcomp wrongly processed \0 as an unmatchable backref
- new FLT_ROUNDS definition failed to work in C++ code
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- aarch64 was missing max_align_t definition
1.1.9 release notes
new features:
- ability to protect libc code itself with stack protector
- sigsetjmp now restores signal mask after restoring context, not before
- thread-local dlerror status/messages
- dlerror messages are no longer truncated
- diagnostics for constraint violations with ctype.h macros
- reduce cost of PIC on archs where PLT calls need a fixed GOT register
- spin locks no longer constantly invalidate cache lines while spinning
- code size reduction in static-linked TLS init
bugs fixed:
- failure to process robust mutexes on detached-thread exit
- possible memory corruption due to robust mutex list on detached-thread exit
- crash on memory exhaustion in getgr* internals
- misaligned memory accesses in static binaries with low-alignment TLS blocks
- multiple cases of wrongful path search continuation after transient failure
- small memory leak on failure of dlopen with RPATH $ORIGIN
- several small math bugs related to exception flags with non-finite args
- mmap leak in sem_open failure path for link call
- duplocale clobbered new locale struct with memcpy of old
- futimes crashed with null timeval argument
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- stack protector spuriously aborted after forking on x32
- stack protector spuriously aborted with flockfile on powerpc
- theoretically-possible clobbering of syscall return value on mips
- random thread-pointer setup failure on sh (uninitialized return value)
- possible crash in dlsym on sh due to incorrectly-computed branch target
- broken fesetenv(FE_DFL_ENV) on mips
- dynamic linker name for sh ignored fpu/nofpu and endianness
- various minor aarch64 bugs
- dangling pointers in x32 syscall timespec fixup code
1.1.10 release notes
new features:
- fail-safe (allocation-free) C locale for newlocale to return
- all locale categories track requested locale name
- rcrt1.o start file for static PIE
- inline atomics for sh4a
- removed heavy atomics from locale-related code paths
- removed global data accesses from CURRENT_LOCALE macro & callers
- dynamic linker stage 1 size reduction
- better configure detection of unsupported compiler options
- support for more relocation types in, not currently used
- iconv_open accepts "" and "CHAR" as aliases for native (UTF-8)
- additional LFS64 macros in sys/resource.h
regressions fixed:
- dynamic linker crash on NONE-type relocations (only mips affected)
- inability to build as thumb2 on arm
- failure to run under qemu-i386 user-level emulation
- inability to access globals from libc on powerpc
- PIE link errors in Scrt1.o under unusual usage on some archs
other bugs fixed:
- failure of ungetc/ungetwc to work on FILE streams in EOF state
- possible null pointer dereference in gettext
- possible initial stack misalignment on mips with PIE
1.1.11 release notes
new features:
- byte-based C locale
- vdso clock_gettime on arm
- musl-clang wrapper
- sh2 nommu target support
- major speed-up for dynamic linker symbol lookups with GNU hash
- strverscmp now matches GNU behavior in corner cases
- empty TZ environment variable gives GMT rather than system default
- reconnection on syslog server socket loss (syslogd restart)
- mmap fallback in simple_malloc when brk fails
- support for %m and %s with null pointers in wide printf variants
- call frame information in i386 asm for improved debugger support
bugs fixed:
- spurious errors from pwd/grp functions when nscd backend is absent
- possible invalid access on calloc with simple_malloc
- null pointer dereferences after calling uselocale((locale_t)0)
- erroneous support for cancellation in stdio caused data loss
- inconsistent handling of atexit called from atexit handler
- missing locking in error paths for ungetwc
- btowc mishandling of out-of-range non-EOF inputs
- negated return value of ns_skiprr, failure in related functions
- incorrect void return type for syncfs, missing error status
- possible failure of tempnam due to missing null termination
- negated tm_gmtoff field in struct tm
- off-by-one error in getsubopt leaving equals sign in value result
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- soft deadlocks on i386/x86_64 due to missing barrier in internal locks
- regression in arm pre-v7 support for kernels with kuser helper removed
- runaway PC on mips detached thread exit (due to kernel regression)
- mismatched ABI for local-dynamic model TLS on mips and powerpc
- incorrect value of some SO_* constants on mips
- broken 64-bit syscall argument passing on aarch64
1.1.12 release notes
new features:
- fdpic abi on sh2 for shareable text segment without mmu
- general fdpic elf support in dynamic linker
- CFI generation for x86_64 asm source files
- protection against silently building a with missing symbols
- nl_langinfo(CODESET) now returns "ASCII" in byte-based C locale
- fixed build regression due to buggy .SECONDARY in some GNU make versions
- additional arm eabi functions needed by llvm arm backend
- added format argument attributes to gettext function prototypes
- static PIE no longer requires linking with -E/-rdynamic
- eliminated spurious protected-data warnings linking against
- avoided spurious fpu asm errors with some armhf toolchains
bugs fixed:
- fclose of stdin/stdout caused deadlock at exit
- missing memory barrier in pthread_join
- open_[w]memstream produced no buffer when no writes took place
- uninitialized scopeid in address lookups from hosts file and ip literals
- ip literals for mismatching family (v4 vs v6) were queried as hostnames
- possible crash on OOM in regcomp
- incorrect contents in localeconv structure (-1 instead of CHAR_MAX)
- strftime mishandling of out-of-range struct tm members
- wrongful attribute((const)) on pthread_self and errno location function
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- arm crt1 entry point failed to align stack pointer in some cases
- mips fesetround failed to actually set rounding mode
- i386 asm source CFI generation had multiple bugs
1.1.13 release notes
new features:
- out-of-tree builds
- search domains in resolv.conf
- sh arch supports j-core (j2) cas.l atomics
- dynamic linker includes arch/abi in output when run as a command
- header support for new kernel features through linux 4.4
- mips vdso clock_gettime support
- regex BRE extensions: \|, \+, \?
- improved atomics performance on all archs with ll/sc model
- atomic instructions are now inlined on armv6
- use fpu sqrt for arm softfp abi on targets with vfp
- getnameinfo now accepts sockaddr sizes larger than needed
- new default CFLAGS/LDFLAGS avoid entire classes of toolchain bugs
- explicit use of float_t/double_t avoids compiler float spill bugs
- i386 max_align_t definition now works with g++ 4.7's pseudo-c++11
- all known protocols are added to protoent functions
- stub utmpname, utmpxname functions
- linker support for -Bsymbolic-functions is no longer mandatory
- regex parsing size limits increased
- malloc_usable_size now accepts null pointer input
bugs fixed:
- potential single-byte heap overflow in getdelim
- mishandling of transient failure opening hosts, services, resolv.conf
- mremap was sometimes able to allocate objects larger than PTRDIFF_MAX
- nl_langinfo wrongly returned NULL instead of "" for invalid items
- out-of-bounds dynamic tls allocation due to pointer/index scaling error
- getifaddrs misreported point-to-point interface addresses
- tdelete left tsearch trees misbalanced
- tsearch crashed on allocation failure
- tsearch, tfind, and tdelete failed to handle null pointer input
- passing signal number 0 to sigaction resulted in a crash
- getdelim updated caller's size wrongly when realloc failed
- getdelim realloc strategy was wasteful
- if_nametoindex returned wrong value on failure
- missing ssp-suppression for some source files called from early-init
- various minor resolv.conf parsing bugs
- fwrite wrongly reported success on write errors in line-buffered flush
- fwrite and fread wrongly returned nmemb (not 0) when size was 0
nommu-specific bugs fix:
- failure to zero bss in FDPIC shared library loader
- unsafe writes to read-only file mapping in non-FDPIC library loader
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- sh[eb]-nofpu-fdpic was using fpu-dependent setjmp/longjmp variants
- dynamic linker path file name was wrong for arm "softfp" targets
- mips siginfo_t and related macros were defined incorrectly
- possibly misaligned pointer globals on arm (from an asm source file)
- mips dynamic linker failed to provide info needed by debugger
- mips cancellation asm wrongly assumed validity of $gp register value
1.1.14 release notes
regressions fixed:
- treatment of empty string argument as error by puts and fputs
- make clean and distclean failure in unconfigured trees
- sh/fdpic dynamic linker entry point hang due to wrong code
- armhf (and arm softfp model) build failure with clang
other bugs fixed:
- wrongly clamping (rather than failing) excessive rounds in crypt-sha*