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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package checklicenses
import (
type CustomProjectLicense struct {
ProjectRoot string
LicenseLocation string
// Config values are populated from the the json file at the default or user-specified path
type Config struct {
FilesRegex []string `json:"filesRegex,omitempty"`
SkipDirs []string `json:"skipDirs"`
SkipFiles []string `json:"skipFiles"`
ProhibitedLicenseTypes []string `json:"prohibitedLicenseTypes"`
TextExtensionList []string `json:"textExtensionList"`
StrictTextExtensionList []string `json:"strictTextExtensionList"`
ExitOnProhibitedLicenseTypes bool `json:"exitOnProhibitedLicenseTypes"`
ExitOnUnlicensedFiles bool `json:"exitOnUnlicensedFiles"`
StrictAnalysis bool `json:"strictAnalysis"`
OutputLicenseFile bool `json:"outputLicenseFile"`
MaxReadSize int `json:"maxReadSize"`
SeparatorWidth int `json:"separatorWidth"`
OutputFilePrefix string `json:"outputFilePrefix"`
OutputFileExtension string `json:"outputFileExtension"`
OutputTreeStateFilename string `json:"outputTreeStateFilename"`
Product string `json:"product"`
SingleLicenseFiles []string `json:"singleLicenseFiles"`
StopLicensePropagation []string `json:"stopLicensePropagation"`
LicensePatternDir string `json:"licensePatternDir"`
CustomProjectLicenses []CustomProjectLicense `json:"customProjectLicenses"`
FlutterLicenses []string `json:"flutterLicenses"`
NoticeTxtFiles []string `json:"noticeTxtFiles"`
BaseDir string `json:"baseDir"`
Target string `json:"target"`
LogLevel string `json:"logLevel"`
// Init populates Config object with values found in the json config file.
// Both SkipFiles and SingleLicenseFiles are lowered.
func NewConfig(path string) (*Config, error) {
c := &Config{}
f, err := os.Open(path)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
defer f.Close()
d := json.NewDecoder(f)
if err = d.Decode(c); err != nil {
return nil, err
for i := range c.SingleLicenseFiles {
c.SingleLicenseFiles[i] = strings.ToLower(c.SingleLicenseFiles[i])
for i := range c.SkipFiles {
c.SkipFiles[i] = strings.ToLower(c.SkipFiles[i])
if c.BaseDir == "" {
c.BaseDir = "."
if c.Target != "all" {
return nil, errors.New("target must be \"all\"")
return c, nil