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# Export images from source DOT files
zircon/docs/ contains images related to handle creation:
handle-creation1.png to handle-creation4.png.
The sources for these images are specified using the DOT language (more
information at You can find the
sources in zircon/docs/
To render a png from the source DOT, do either of the following:
* Save the graph information to a temporary file (e.g., For example:
digraph Q {
node [shape=record];
nd_1 [label = "Hello"];
nd_2 [label = "World", style = invis];
subgraph cluster_Example1 {
label = "Example1";
subgraph cluster_Example2 {
label = "Example2";
# Then run dot -Tpng -o example.png if Graphviz is installed.
* Paste the graph information into an online editor (e.g., and then save the resulting image.