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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
var (
colors = color.ColorAuto
level = logger.InfoLevel
func init() {
flag.Var(&colors, "color", "use color in output, can be never, auto, always")
flag.Var(&level, "level", "output verbosity, can be fatal, error, warning, info, debug or trace")
func main() {
subcommands.Register(subcommands.HelpCommand(), "")
subcommands.Register(subcommands.CommandsCommand(), "")
subcommands.Register(subcommands.FlagsCommand(), "")
subcommands.Register(&RunCommand{}, "")
ctx, cancel := signal.NotifyContext(context.Background(), syscall.SIGTERM, syscall.SIGINT)
defer cancel()
lockedStdout := botanist.NewLockedWriter(ctx, botanist.NewTimestampWriter(os.Stdout))
defer lockedStdout.Close()
lockedStderr := botanist.NewLockedWriter(ctx, botanist.NewTimestampWriter(os.Stderr))
defer lockedStderr.Close()
// set up temp file for copying stdout content to a temp file
tempFile, _ := os.CreateTemp("", "stdout-copy-*.log")
multiWriter := io.MultiWriter(lockedStdout, tempFile)
defer func() {
ctx = streams.ContextWithStdout(ctx, multiWriter)
ctx = streams.ContextWithStderr(ctx, lockedStderr)
stdout, stderr, flush := botanist.NewStdioWriters(ctx, "botanist")
defer flush()
l := logger.NewLogger(level, color.NewColor(colors), stdout, stderr, "botanist ")
// The stdout and stderr writers already add a timestamp to each write so no need
// to add the time in the logger flags.
ctx = logger.WithLogger(ctx, l)