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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <disk_inspector/common_types.h>
namespace disk_inspector {
template <typename T>
PrimitiveType<T>::PrimitiveType(fbl::String name, const T* value) : name_(name), value_(value) {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(value, "Null input buffer value is not allowed");
template <typename T>
void PrimitiveType<T>::GetValue(const void** out_buffer, size_t* out_buffer_size) const {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(out_buffer, "Null output buffer value is not allowed");
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(out_buffer_size, "Zero-sized output buffer is not allowed");
*out_buffer = value_;
*out_buffer_size = sizeof(*value_);
template class PrimitiveType<uint32_t>;
template class PrimitiveType<uint64_t>;
template class PrimitiveType<char>;
template <typename T>
PrimitiveTypeArray<T>::PrimitiveTypeArray(fbl::String name, const T* value, size_t size)
: name_(name), value_(value), size_(size) {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(value, "Null input buffer value is not allowed");
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(size, "Zero-sized arrays are not allowed");
template <typename T>
std::unique_ptr<DiskObject> PrimitiveTypeArray<T>::GetElementAt(uint32_t index) const {
if (index >= size_) {
return nullptr;
return std::make_unique<PrimitiveType<T>>(name_, value_ + index);
template class PrimitiveTypeArray<uint32_t>;
template class PrimitiveTypeArray<uint64_t>;
template class PrimitiveTypeArray<char>;
} // namespace disk_inspector