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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use {
fidl::endpoints::{create_endpoints, ClientEnd},
fidl_fuchsia_sysmem as fsysmem, fidl_fuchsia_ui_composition as fland,
fuchsia_zircon::{self as zx, AsHandleRef},
// Pair of tokens to be used with Scenic Allocator FIDL protocol.
pub struct BufferCollectionTokenPair {
pub export_token: fland::BufferCollectionExportToken,
pub import_token: fland::BufferCollectionImportToken,
impl BufferCollectionTokenPair {
pub fn new() -> BufferCollectionTokenPair {
let (raw_export_token, raw_import_token) = zx::EventPair::create();
BufferCollectionTokenPair {
export_token: fland::BufferCollectionExportToken { value: raw_export_token },
import_token: fland::BufferCollectionImportToken { value: raw_import_token },
/// Given a Scenic `BufferCollectionImportToken`, returns a new version which has been duplicated.
pub fn duplicate_buffer_collection_import_token(
import_token: &fland::BufferCollectionImportToken,
) -> Result<fland::BufferCollectionImportToken, Error> {
let handle = import_token.value.as_handle_ref().duplicate(zx::Rights::SAME_RIGHTS)?;
Ok(fland::BufferCollectionImportToken { value: handle.into() })
/// Calls `BufferCollectionToken.Duplicate()` on the provided token, passing the server end of a
/// newly-instantiated channel. Then, calls `Sync()` on the provided token, so that the returned
/// token is safe to use immediately (i.e. the server has acknowledged that the duplication has
/// occurred).
pub async fn duplicate_buffer_collection_token(
token: &mut fsysmem::BufferCollectionTokenProxy,
) -> Result<ClientEnd<fsysmem::BufferCollectionTokenMarker>, Error> {
let (duplicate_token, duplicate_token_server_end) =
token.duplicate(std::u32::MAX, duplicate_token_server_end)?;