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// Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using zx;
type Empty = struct {};
/// The maximum number of multicast-capable interfaces.
/// This value was obtained from the Linux multicast routing socket
/// implementation's `MAXVIFS` (for IPv4)/`MAXMIFS` (for IPv6) value which are
/// both 32:
/// The maximum number of queued routing events.
const MAX_ROUTING_EVENTS uint16 = 128;
/// A multicast route.
type Route = table {
/// The expected input interface for a multicast packet using this route.
/// Required.
1: expected_input_interface;
/// The action to take for the route.
/// Required.
2: action strict union {
/// Send multicast packets through a set of output interfaces if the
/// multicast packet meets a minimum TTL (IPv4) or HopLimit (IPv6)
/// requirement for the interface.
1: outgoing_interfaces vector<struct {
/// The ID for the outgoing interface.
/// The minumum TTL/HopLimit a multicast packet must have to be sent
/// through the interface.
/// Note: a value of 0 naturally allows all packets to be forwarded.
min_ttl uint8;
/// A snapshot of statistics for a multicast route.
type RouteStats = table {
/// The last time the route was used to route a packet.
/// The value is obtained from the system’s monotonic clock.
/// Required.
1: last_used zx.time;
/// An event that can occur during multicast routing.
type RoutingEvent = strict union {
/// An event for a multicast packet that did not match any route.
/// The packet that triggered this event may be queued so that the
/// packet may be transmitted once a route is installed. Note that
/// the packet may be dropped as per the server's GC/eviction
/// configurations/policies.
1: missing_route Empty;
/// An event for a packet that arrived at an interface different
/// from what a route expected.
/// This may be an indication of a routing loop. The packet that
/// triggered this event will be dropped without being forwarded.
2: wrong_input_interface table {
/// The interface the multicast packet was expected to arrive at.
1: expected_input_interface;
/// The reason for closing a multicast table controller.
type TableControllerCloseReason = strict enum {
/// Indicates that a client already holds the controller for a table.
/// Indicates that the client made a request to a hanging get method while a
/// request was already in-flight.